Awareness Cambodia



AwarenessCambodiaAwareness Cambodia, Inc. was established in 1996 by Perth dentist, Dr. Gary Hewett in response to the incredible suffering and poverty experienced by the Cambodian people after the execution of 25% of its population under Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot in the late 1970s.

This experience birthed Awareness Cambodia and for over a decade now, we have worked on the ground targeting the ever-changing needs of Cambodia. Ideas such as Sunshine House, Eco-Farm, House of Progress, Operation Nightingale and the Internet Café have been our first child steps to seeing a dream become reality.   If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that ordinary people like us can make a difference. 

Awareness Cambodia USA is a Public Charity, overseas humanitarian organization working with Awareness Cambodia AU to rebuild the children of Cambodia by working to relieve poverty and encourage development of life skills through participation in self-sustaining projects.  It was established by Russ and Janet Landreth in cooperation with the Australian founder Dr. Gary Hewett. 

Awareness Cambodia’s distinct approach empowers Cambodian children by focusing on transitional educational homes integrated with allied community health and education services.

 Much time has been invested into developing programs that create a brighter future with a sense of hope and opportunity. That time introduced us to a new paradigm for orphans in developing countries; why couldn’t orphans become young professionals?!

 Our truly unique model is producing future leaders with hope and knowledge that they will play their part in transforming Cambodia. This holistic immersion empowers children ultimately leading to a transformation from danger and hopelessness to safety, opportunity and prosperity.

 We continue to expand our range of operations to benefit not just orphans in our Child Development programs but the neighboring villages and wider community of Kompong Speu. Our team is dedicated to breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, illiteracy and neglect, and giving families a chance to move beyond current limitations. Medical and educational tools provide much needed social services to help create generational change.