Bringing Good News | Luke 2:8-17; Revelation 14:6-7 | December 3, 2017

Warm Up: The Christmas season is a time when most people are open to conversations about God. Unfortunately, many people think that these conversations are one sided, unloving, impersonal, and full of Christians just wanting to be right. What if we changed that this Christmas? How? By noticing, listening, serving, and wondering. Last week, we were challenged to slow down and simply notice people who were in need of compassion. Share some ways you noticed others this past week.

  • On Sunday George identified three “myths about evangelism.”1. Evangelism is mostly about me talking to another person. It is a one-way presentation of facts. 2. Evangelism is having answers to questions people ask about Jesus, faith, the Bible and other things. 3. Evangelism is ‘closing the deal’ with another person in the sinner’s prayer.
    • Which of these three have you previously (or currently) held onto?
    • How can simply listening to other people become a pathway to evangelism? 
  • Slowly read Luke 2:8-17 and Revelation 14:6-7 aloud. Angels were the first and will be the last to proclaim the good news. What do you notice about the content of the message these angels are proclaiming in each passage? What is the focus in each? Why is this “good news” for those who hear it? How did you feel when you first heard the message of the gospel?


  • As Christians, we shouldn’t be intimidated by evangelism, but come to love the ability to share a message of truth, hope, love, and grace with those around us. Pastor George listed 7 reasons for us to love evangelism. Of these seven, which one stood out the most to you? Why? Which one was the most challenging for you? Why? 
  1. Evangelism is our most important work (Matthew 9:37-38)
  2. Evangelism comes directly from Jesus as a commandment (Matthew 28:18-20)
  3. Evangelism has an underlying promise of success (John 10:16)
  4. Evangelism about Jesus is simple, clear, and laser-focused (John 14:6)
  5. Evangelism is empowered in us through the Holy Spirit to be witnesses (Acts 1:8)
  6. Evangelism is helping another person believe in Jesus by hearing (Romans 10:11-15)
  7. Evangelism will grow as we grow in Christ! (Philemon 6)

Wrap Up: Read Matthew 4:17. The message of the gospel is powerful and simple. In order for others to hear it, however, we must do a good job of listening. Why is listening so important when it comes to relationships? When it comes to evangelism? Its God’s kindness that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4), so this week hold each other accountable to demonstrate kindness and to be active listeners with those the Lord leads you to engage with. Share stories for how it went when you come back together next!