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Close-Knit Family|James Psalm 139| February 4, 2018

Warm Up: In family life we can often confuse being “connected” to one another with being “close-knit.” How would you describe the difference? Was your family growing up more connected or truly closely knit? Explain.

  • Pastor George laid out four distinct characteristics of a “close-knit” family. Review these characteristics and answer the corresponding questions:
    1. SAME DIRECTION – there is a desire for every member to have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Why is having faith in Jesus so important in a close-knit family?
    2. IDENTITY – every member of the family is committed to the family. What does this type of commitment look like? How do you build this into your family?
    3. PARTICIPATION – each member fulfills his or her role in the family. What happens within a family who doesn’t have defined roles and participation from each family member?
    4. BELONGING – there is a desire for each family member to be fully known and truly loved. How does “belonging” to a family impact each family member?
  • In Psalm 139 David ends with an honest, genuine, and vulnerable request: “search me O God, and know my heart!” God knew every aspect of Davids life but loved him still. It is because of that love that David can make such a request. On Sunday, Pastor George walked us through how we can apply that love to our families as we move toward becoming truly close-knit. Read the following verses from Psalm 139:
    • Verse 1-3. God knows you and loves you, even if you don’t yet know yourself. We all go through phases in our journey of self-discovery. Is their a phase you’d like to forget? Why is “identity” so important for us?  How can we help our family members understand and walk in the identity that God has given them?
    • Verse 4-14. God knows and loves you even if your family can only know you to a certain degree. Though their can be things we keep from each other, nothing is kept secret from God. As David writes, “Even the darkness is not dark to You.” As a family how can you draw those deep and dark things to the surface? What is the danger in keeping secrets from one another?
    • Verse 15-24. God knows and loves you, even when you are afraid to be known. Do you believe that one of our greatest fears is to be fully known but not truly loved? How should the gospel of Jesus help us in this?

Wrap Up: We cannot do this alone, we need the help of Jesus to accomplish this. It is only through the power of the gospel that we grow in intimacy with our families. Spend some time praying for Jesus to knit your family together. Pray that He reveals ways you can build the Same Direction, Commitment, Participation, and Belonging into your family.