Whoa! You Got Saved? | Acts 10 | April 22, 2018   Warm Up: The unstoppable nature of the church is never more evident than when walls that once brought division are destroyed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus. We saw this firsthand this week in the story of Cornelius’ conversion. God reached past prejudices and brought forgiveness to a household who was thought to be “unreachable” and “unworthy” of the grace of Jesus. What were some things about the story that impacted you? Was there anything you heard for the first time? Or that you were reminded of?  

  • Read Acts 10:1-8. In this section, God does something amazing! Cornelius, a centurion in the Roman army, gets a message from an angel to bring Peter to meet with him.
    • Why would it have been so surprising for a Jewish person to hear that God heard Cornelius’ prayer, and that an angel actually appeared to him?
    • In our Christian culture, would you agree that we have some prejudices related to those who are “outside of the gospel”? What are some of these?
  • Read Acts 10:9-23. The next day, God prepares Peter for what was about to happen. He does this by sending a vision declaring all animals clean and acceptable to eat. Through this vision, God sheds light on His great plan to send the gospel beyond the nation of Israel; even to Gentiles.
    • Has God ever broke through some prejudices you once held? What happened?
    • How has this changed the way you see those around you?
  • Read Acts 10:24-48. In this section, Peter preaches the gospel and Cornelius’ whole household is saved and receives the Holy Spirit.
    • If you were Peter what would be going through your head during all of this?
    • What are some “entry-points” God has put in front of you to walk through in order to minister to people you typically wouldn’t consider?
  • In the same way the Spirit filled the household of Cornelius, He fills us today. Through faith in Jesus Christ we have all the Holy Spirit, He may not, however, have all of us.
    • What are some things you tend to fill yourself with that prevent the Holy Spirit from working in your life? What can you do to change this?
  WRAP UP: What are some practical ways you can break through the prejudices in San Clemente (or in your heart), to reach those you may feel are “unreachable”?