Mother’s Day - Stronger - Matthew 11:28-30

  WARM UP: This Sunday we honored the most selfless, and strong, people we know: mothers. Mothers hold a special place in the hearts of all of us. Their example, influence, and love have impacted our lives. When you think back on your childhood, what do you remember about your mother?   READ aloud Matthew 11:28-30. In this passage, Jesus calls us to do a couple of things.
  • First, Jesus calls us to “Come to Him”. He invites us into relationship that results in rest and peace. Why would being in relationship with Jesus bring rest, and why would not being in relationship with Jesus bring unrest? Have you experienced both unrest, and rest, in your life?
  • Second, Jesus calls us to take His yoke upon us. In Jewish tradition, a “yoke” referred to the teaching of the Rabbi. Therefore, Jesus is calling us to learn His teaching and obey His commands. What “yoke” do we most naturally take upon ourselves? Why is it so easy to take on the “yoke” of the world, and such a hard thing to take His yoke upon us? When we take His yoke upon ourselves, what is the result?
  These words are an extreme encouragement to everyone. In our culture, there seems to be a lack of rest, peace, gentleness, and love. Rather, it is all about busyness, chaos, comparison, and competition. This is especially true when it comes to motherhood. And when the demands of motherhood, or fatherhood, continue to rise, is a decision to make. We can either “Do More” or “Do Nothing”.
  • When you look at each path, why would someone “Do More”, and why would someone “Do Nothing”? What is the result of each path?
  • As a Mother, and a Father, if you were honest with yourself, which side of the spectrum would you fall: “Do More” or “Do Nothing”? Why would do you think that is your tendency?
  The best way to handle the demands of motherhood, and fatherhood, is to “Do With Jesus”. Pastor George laid out three ways we can address the demands alongside Jesus.
  1. Make Jesus the highest priority. Most of the time this can be a challenge. What in your life, or in your heart, competes with Jesus for the highest priority in your life? How does placing Jesus as highest priority help you meet the demands of motherhood, fatherhood, and life?
  2. Make God’s priorities, your priorities. What are some of God’s priorities as it relates to interacting with others? One priority is humility. How would prioritizing “humility” change the way you meet the demands of life?
  3. Just Say “No”. Is saying “No” easy for you, or hard? Why? What is the value of saying “No” and how do we see this quality in Jesus?
  WRAP UP: Pastor George left us with a wonderful computer analogy of how fathers (men) and mothers (women) typically accomplish the tasks of life. Fathers (men) typically “open a window, accomplish the task, then close the window”. Mothers (women) typically “open many windows at the same time and leave them open and work at closing them in no particular order”. What were your reactions to that analogy? When it comes to your family, what are some things you, as a father, do to help “close some windows” that your wife has open?   If you are not married, or have children, do not feel alone in your “closing of windows”. Facing life’s demands with Jesus means He can help “close some of those windows”. How can He help you “close some windows”?