Celebrate Recovery


Celebrate Recovery

* Are you seeking true peace and freedom for your life?

* Is your issue other than drugs or alcohol?
* Are you challenged by a hurt, hang-up or habit?
* Are you feeling alone in your challenge?
* Are you willing to make that first step?

The Shoreline’s Celebrate Recovery invites all men and women to experience true peace and freedom from any HURT, HANG-UP or HABIT and feel SAFE to express themselves. Do not let fear, pride or embarrassment prevent you of the healing God offers through this program! God’s word says, “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” – James 5:16a



Hi, my name is Pete.  I’m a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, in recovery from drugs, alcohol, codependency and an adult survivor of physical, mental and sexual abuse. I am an adult survivor of a very dysfunctional family of six siblings. I was lost in the pain of my childhood abuse for 60 years, masking it with drugs, alcohol, anger, abuse, financial success and sex. Stuffing it down, just beating myself up, and allowing evil, living in fear, insecurities and pride for 28 years to control my life.

Then in 1978, I found my savior Jesus, thinking all my sins were forgiven with a great life for the next five years. Yes, I’m going to heaven, but still I did not deal with my inner hurts, hang-ups and habits. Then tragedy struck once again in my life: How could this be? I’m in Christ!  I continued to seek the Lord but I was still lost in my pain. So once again I began using wealth, drugs, alcohol and sexual affairs to mask the pain. The result? Losing my wife and family, and that took me down a road to disaster.

In 2006 I was called by the Holy Spirit back to the church, yet still in pain, so I tried secular recovery groups to no avail. Married my fourth wife, and putting pressure on myself to build my business, I began abusing pain medication again, STILL COVERING UP. With an ultimatum — “get help or face another divorce” — I cried out to the Lord and He led me to Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered recovery group. Jesus, through Celebrate Recovery, guiding me through the eight principles.  Three years later, I now experience true peace and freedom! He healed me from the inside out.

It may not be drugs or alcohol that challenges your life. Is it pornography, anger, sex addition, eating disorder, sexual abuse, codependency, gambling?  Whatever your issue… Come and join us in a safe place to seek out help from those who understand and have received a new peace and freedom through Jesus and Celebrate Recovery. 


Large Group Meetings:

Monday nights: from 7:00-9:00pm
Childcare available from 6:45-9:00pm, $5 per child

On Monday nights, our open share groups meet 52 weeks a year. The open share focus is to gather in a safe place to learn about the healing process of recovery, dealing with any issue from chemical addiction to anger, from sexual abuse to food addiction, from pornography addiction to gambling addiction, from PTSD and bulimia to codependency. We meet for a large group fellowship service from 7:00-8:05pm and then break up into small men’s and women’s groups from 8:10-9:00pm to share anything you want to discuss.  

If you have a hurt, habit, or hang-up, we want to see God bring healing into your life! 


Peace & Freedom 8-Principle 12-Step Study Group: A SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL place to EXPERIENCE HEALING

Wednesday nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm (when open).  Come on Monday night to inquire about available step study groups.

On Wednesdays, the 8-principle 12-step study group, starts the recovery process in detail using the 4-study guide books and the CR Bible. This process can last from 10 months to 14 months depending on the group size. This is also great for spouses who are dealing with a spouse having one of these issues. The healing miracles begin within the first 8 weeks and grow from there.

Cost: $6 for participant guide (or $15 for a set of 4) and $20 for a Celebrate Recovery Bible (if you need financial help, contact Pete)

Use the registration form below to register for one of our step study groups.


Questions? Contact recovery@theshoreline.org