The Good News Multiplies|Acts 13-28| May 6, 2018

Warm Up: As we ended our series in the Book of Acts this week, we took a look at how God expanded His church through the bold preaching and multiplication of faithful believers. As Pastor George walked us through the last half of the Book of Acts, what about the incredible expansion of the church caught your attention?  
  • Read Acts 13:1-3 This was the launch pad upon which the church catapulted it’s way into the world. These men were intentionally seeking the voice of God to direct them on what the next steps of the church would be. Their request was granted and God spoke to them.
  • What was it that these men were doing at the time God spoke to them?
  • What was it that the Lord told them?
  • What does the sending of Paul and Barnabas tell you about God’s plan in the expansion of His church?
  • We often find ourselves in moments of decision or direction where we desperately need to hear from God. Rarely, however, do we allow Him time and space to speak!
  • Where do you most need God’s wisdom about a decision or direction currently?
  • What are some things in your life that may be crowding out the voice of God?
  • How can you create space to hear from Him?
  From Antioch, Paul and Barnabas went to the world. The remaining chapters in the Book of Acts chronicle the various missionary journeys God used to reach the world with the gospel of His Son. These missionaries preached the good news, discipled new believers, and planted churches. As they went, the Lord blessed their efforts and the church multiplied throughout the known world at that time. Their efforts were not without opposition though!  
  • Read Acts 18:5-11 Paul’s stop in Corinth highlights the opposition that Paul felt as he went about preaching the gospel. Have you ever felt opposition in your efforts to minister to others? What form of opposition did you experience?
  • Although there was opposition, God exhorted Paul with a promise and a purpose. That promise was His presence, and the purpose was that there were still more who needed to hear of God’s saving grace! These are two things that we also have when we face opposition!
  • How does knowing that God is with you in times of opposition comfort you? Does it change the way you approach the opposition? If so, how?
  • How does having a purpose impact the way you serve others, and share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Has God given you a specific purpose, or calling, to carry out either within the church or outside the church?
  • Thankfully Paul continued to remain faithful to God’s calling on His life. The Shoreline Church is ultimately the result of Paul’s boldness and God’s grace. That is why we are continuing in his footsteps of multiplication through preaching the gospel, discipling others, and planting churches. Of course there was only one Apostle Paul, but we are all called to contribute our part.
  • What are some simple things you can do to be a part of the multiplication God is doing both in the life of this church, and outside the church?
  • What are simple ways you can be part of God’s multiplication in your workplace, within the school, within your community?
    Wrap Up: Through this series our prayer is that you have come to understand that the unstoppable nature of the early church is alive and well in the life of The Shoreline and in the hearts of us all!   Ask God for the power of the Holy Spirit to show you what your role is in the life of our church family and how you can engage in the work God is doing in and around you.