Participating in the Good News Mission | Acts 9:1-9 | April 15, 2018

Warm Up: What made the church in Acts “unstoppable” was not only the incredible power of God, but the incredible obedience of His people. This week we learned about one person whose obedience has had a ripple effect through history. That man’s name was Paul. His testimony and ministry resulted from his obedience to the calling Jesus gave him. What strikes you most about Paul’s conversion, ministry, and obedience?


  • Read aloud Acts 9:1-9. Paul’s conversion story is told in many parts of the New Testament. In it we see an incredible display of repentance and grace. We also see an example of someone who held many false beliefs about God. What false belief did Paul hold that led him to kill Christians?
    • In our world there are many false beliefs about God. What seem to be the ones you most often encounter among friends, coworkers, family, or culture?
    • Have you ever held a false belief of God that resulted in wrong action? Share. How did the Lord lead you back on track?


  • In His grace, Jesus showed Paul his error by lovingly confronting him on his way to Damascus. His confronting was not through condemnation, but through questioning. Why do you think this was the case? Have you ever experienced Jesus question you?


  • Though it was not the typical, “sinner’s prayer,” Paul humbly and repentantly turned to Jesus. He accepted the truth that Jesus was the Messiah and thereby put his faith in Him. After that, Jesus immediately asked Paul to do something. What was it?


  • As Pastor George said, “Life is not found in the holding, life is found in the following.” The hard part is that sometimes God asks for obedience in an area of our lives yet only reveals one small step at a time. Have there been times in your life when God has called you in a direction but only showed you the first step along the path? How did you feel in that moment? How did that “little-by-little” revelation impact your faith?


  • Paul was asked to do a simple thing and he obeyed. This action set the course of faithful obedience that God used to impact history. His mentality, when it came to obedience to God, was “God show me so I can do it.” When it comes to obedience to God our mentality is often, “God show me so I can consider it.” Which mentality do you most closely identify with?



WRAP UP: We all have our own conversion stories. The miraculous tale of how God lovingly showed us His grace and we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Too often, though, that is where the miraculous ends. We can’t let that happen. What is God asking for you to obey Him with today? What steps has He asked you to take? Spend some time praying for one another with the steps God is asking each of you to take.