Our calendars seem to fill up so quickly and easily. Does yours?

Most people agree: TIME is a precious resource. Current technology allows us to text, email, call (hands-free, of course!), and multi-task…in no time at all. And the hours, days and weeks still seem to fly by and run away from us.

What fills up your calendar? At The Shoreline, we value your time. We do our very best to strategize our calendar of ministry events in order to respect your time.

Why does The Shoreline plan events for all ages? Our hope is that The Shoreline church will be a home away from home for you…a place to belong. We want each event on our calendar to build up a church of people that gather in authentic community—to explore belief in Jesus… to know God by studying His Word…to be encouraged to follow Jesus alongside others…to love & serve people both locally and globally.

Do you love hands-on serving? Help out at Family Assistance Ministries. Do you have teenagers? See what The Midway and Foundation are up to. Is the country of Haiti on your heart? See when the next playground-building trip is happening. Have you prayed for an opportunity to talk to your neighborhood kids about Jesus? Sign up to host VBS at your house next August! And don’t plan your vacation late August during our annual Anniversary Celebration!

So take out your calendar and see how, where and when you can come and get involved with us. (Just don’t over-do it!) And pass the word around…because our doors are wide open to everyone.

We happily invite and welcome you to upcoming events happening at The Shoreline. Why? So we can learn together how to follow Jesus—to love, listen and obey Him.

Sorry there are no events currently here.