Pastors_Blog_JadonRecently I've been jazzed by the response from our congregation when I'm not singing. What I mean by this is that there have been moments during our times of worship where I have backed off of the microphone to allow our peoples' voices to be heard. This has been both very worshipful and very encouraging. This may sound like a simple concept but it might very well be a lost art in modern worship settings today.  We've become so used to having our band and sound systems overpower the masses in the church setting today that maybe we're missing out on the encouragement that comes from allowing the church to be the choir.  I know we ditched the robes a few years back, but let's not ditch the congregation as well!  I'm all for a full room of sound with a great band driving an anthem home in epic fashion, but let's not overpower the masses and deprive them the right to hear both themselves and others around them.  If you're a worship leader, try it out next sunday on a familiar song they know.  They just might like it.. No, they just might love it!   There definitely is something both unique and special that happens when hundreds of worshippers are singing boldly unto the Lord.  Maybe even unaccompanied by the band for a moment, simply lifting up their voices in praise.  I mean if we wanna get biblical on it, i'm pretty sure David never even plugged in.

Pastor Jadon Lavik
The Shoreline Church / Worship Arts