He was headed for the land of Canaan, but they stopped at Haran and settled there.  (Genesis 11:31 NLT)

God has called all of us to head somewhere- one could call it Christ likeness, Eternal Life, the Abundant Life, or even The New Creation.  But no matter what you call it, you and I can rest assured that we are called to go there.  We can also rest assured that we won’t fully arrive there until we see our Lord face to face, but nonetheless, we are heading in a definite direction and we are not to stop short of it!  We are not called to settle until we reach our destination.

Terah, Abram’s father, was called to head for Canaan- The Promised Land- but we are taught in Genesis 11:31 that he stopped short and settled in Haran.  We may think to ourselves, ‘maybe he just needed a rest or a break’, but that isn’t the case.  He died there.

We are wise to learn the lesson.  The name Terah means ‘delay’ and Haran means ‘very dry’ or ‘parched’.

If we are not careful, we can stall out on our journey toward becoming more like Jesus.  We can settle into a place where we feel we have travelled far enough against sin.  We have attained a level of comfort with who we have become and we are quite settled on our spiritual journey. 

The hallmarks of this attitude, like landscape surrounding us, are a lack of need for prayer, a casual attitude toward daily scripture intake, a refusal to confront our attitudes and behaviors that are not honoring to the Lord, and the feeling that we don’t really need the ministry of other believers in our lives.  If these things are in our hearts, than we have settled in a spiritual land that is far short of where the Lord has called us.  We are posted up in ‘Haran’- parched yet not drinking, and delayed in our journey- perhaps deceived into thinking we are ‘taking a break’ but on the road that leads to death.

How is our spiritual thirst?  Are we hungry to uproot remaining sin in our lives?  Have we planned to travel toward becoming more like Jesus in this new season?  Or have we, like Terah, taken a break from our journey and settled into a dry and weary place?

Let’s learn the lesson that Terah teaches us, and instead like Abram get up and get moving toward Jesus.  There is no better life than heading toward Him!

- George Hulse