Sundays | 8:30am | Starting May 1st
In the Conference Room (upstairs)


Embark participants will study God’s word to discover what He says about discipling the nations and will focus on why we should reach out to Muslims (even though this study focuses on Muslims, its material can be applied to anyone who needs to meet Jesus).  Churches that have gone through this study have seen  participants increase their missional activity to include going out and beginning relationships with Muslims. Another result has been the participants sharing the material with other believers, who then re-share it. This produces a movement of witnesses being sent out by God to disciple “disciplers” in an organic way!

Week 1 will look at how the mandate to make God known to all peoples is found throughout the entire Bible, not just in a couple of verses. This means that God’s heart for reaching the lost around the world should be seen as one of His top priorities, and, therefore, as one of our top priorities.

Week 2 will lay out what has already been done around the world and what remains to be done. We will learn that most missions work is being done in areas where the target populace already has access to the gospel or has already been evangelized at some point in history. We will look at statistics that show how very few Muslims have a chance to even hear the gospel. The purpose of this lesson is to convince us to redirect our time, treasure and talent towards unreached peoples — perhaps among peoples who have never had a Christian witness in their presence in all of history.  

Week 3 will posit that making disciples should be the primary goal of our efforts in reaching the world. This is the priority to Jesus and should, therefore, be for us also. Once someone has become a disciple, he or she is to be baptized. Those who are baptized will then form the spiritual community that will become the source of worship for God.

Week 4 will focus on the role of senders. This is an important job — as important as going! We will begin to look at some of the tasks that senders engage in. Also  during week 4, we will summarize what we have learned and ask God to show us what’s next!

Embark will be a four-week study beginning May 1st (no class on May 8th due to Mother’s Day). The class is free and we will provide your book. Only a minimal amount of time will be required outside of the class — sharing what you’ve learned with someone else, praying, and seeing the opportunities that God has put in front of us right here in South Orange County!


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