Seder Dinner 2016

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Date(s) - Mar 18, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Location: The Shoreline Church Facility



Many Christians know that the Last Supper was a Passover Seder. But most Christians do not know the details of the Jewish Passover meal. Rabbi Barney Kasdan, a Messianic Jew, will explain the amazing connections between communion and Passover and how it all points to Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah.  

Please join us as we celebrate the Seder Passover together 

MARCH 18th | 6pm-8:30pm | $10-adults | $5-kids ages 8+

Child-care available for children under 8.



Questions? Contact Mary


Our meal will be potluck style, please make a note of what dish you’ve signed up to bring. 



Why is it a great idea for followers of Messiah to understand the Passover?

  1. The first reason is that Jesus celebrated Passover. 
  2. Passover forms the primary background for understanding the events of the Upper Room, the symbolism of the Lord’s Table, and the meaning of Messiah Jesus’ death. 
  3. We gain a marvelous insight into the very essence of Christianity – the sacrifice of the Lamb. God has already shown that a sacrificed lamb (Ex. 12:5) was sufficient for the redemption of an entire people back in Egypt. Passover is a living picture of how sacrifice is properly obtained.
  4. So that we can better share the message of redemption available through Messiah Jesus with our Jewish friends. Jesus was Jewish; the disciples were Jews; all the people saved at Pentecost were Jewish; the first Christian church in the world, the church of Jerusalem, was entirely Jewish; the church sent missionaries out into the world to share the gospel with Gentiles. Every church, seminary, Bible college, missions agency, can be traced back to these early Jewish Christians. A knowledge of Passover will help you share with your Jewish friends because you will then have some common ground with them.
  5. Studying Passover will help prepare you for the Kingdom to come. When the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus, comes, He will celebrate the Jewish feasts. We see from Zech. 14:16 that the Feast of Tabernacles/Booths (Sukkot) will be celebrated during the Millennium.

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