Focus for Family  | Mark 1:35-38 | January 14, 2018

Warm Up: You were encouraged last week to select 3 key words you wanted to pursue as a family. Which words did your family choose and why? If you haven’t yet don’t this, what are some ideas you have? 

• On Sunday, 6 reasons were shared as to what it’s so difficult to focus on a family vision in our current culture. Consider these: 1. Time is limited. We all have only 112 waking hours per week. 2.  Time is short. Psychologists tell us moral framework is set by age 11. 3.  Affluence brings opportunities and parents are competitive. 4. We confuse the goal. Is our goal to raise kids that know, love, and serve the Lord or to raise kids who make us proud? 5. We don’t stop to evaluate. There is a high cost with every activity. 6. We don’t see the fallout. High School counseling offices are filled with exhausted and anxious students.

• Can you see these at play in our culture? In your own family dynamic? Share.

• In your estimation, which of these presents the greatest challenge to you and your family living out a focused vision? 

• For families following Jesus, learning to manage time like Jesus did is critically important. Read Mark 1:35-38 aloud. 

• What speaks most to your heart in this passage? 

• Would Jesus have disappointed some people (See Mark 1:37)? How does this reality encourage, instruct, or challenge you personally? 

• In order to fulfill God’s call for our families, We must focus on our family’s vision! Discuss the following 4 vision questions and share how you could see these being helpful in your family context: 1. Will this commitment detract from our ability to be (generous, loving, kind, Christlike, etc.) toward each other or those we are seeking to love?  2. Will this commitment allow us to follow-through  on previous commitments we have made? 3. Will this commitment pull us apart or together as a family? (Club sports may not fit you!) 4. How will this commitment affect our margin as a family? 

• What “family rhythms” are you most passionate about maintaining or implementing in this season of life? (e.g. dinners together, game nights, reading before bed, date nights, etc.) 

Wrap Up: Your family’s identity in Christ is primary. You can’t force a child to believe in Jesus but you can place so much kindling around them that by asking the Holy Spirit to ignite it. As you close, pray that the Holy Spirit would ignite a flame in the hearts of everyone in your family. Spend some time listening to the Spirit, to how He wants you to pray.