At The Shoreline Church, we consider it a huge priority in our lives, as individuals and as a church, to ‘Give’ of our time, talent and treasure. But why is it so important to give? Giving of our time and talents usually comes very easily. But what about giving financially? And why do we give financially? Does God need the money? Does the church expect it?

We feel that it is important that you know why we encourage you to give to God by giving to the church. To put it simply, it’s what God says to do. He tells us in the Bible that He wants us to give regularly, generously, cheerfully, and sacrificially out of all He has given us, and that we would do it all as an act of worship unto Him.

We don’t give of our treasure, because God needs what we have, but because we need to give it! What we do with what we have directs our heart. Giving to God reminds us that He has given us everything we have, and He can be counted on to meet every need we will ever have. Giving something back to Him is an expression of gratitude and worship.

Jesus taught that our money is an indicator of our hearts. Paul taught that since we are loved by God and love Him in return, we would give regularly, generously, cheerfully, and sacrificially. Here are some great references from the Bible that could be an encouragement to you as you give:

  • Psalm 24:1
  • Matthew 23:23
  • Luke 6:38
  • Luke 11:42
  • Acts 20:35
  • I Corinthians 4:2
  • I Corinthians 16:2
  • II Corinthians 9:7


We have a Care Fund to help people in need within our church body. Once funds are given out, more funds are needed to replenish it. Feel free to give above & beyond your regular tithe for this fund. Just mail a check or drop it in the offering w/ “Care Fund” in the memo.



Once you are logged on to CCB, click on the following: ‘Go to my profile’–>‘Financial’ tab–>’Printable Statements’–>‘Giving Statement.’ Then enter the year’s date range, or scroll down on the ‘Quick Date Range’ drop-box to ‘Last Year.’ At the bottom of the ‘Giving Statements’ screen, click ‘Create.’ Then print your statement. If you need assistance, please contact Judi Handy.



*All donations processed through Give do not apply to event purchases.  To make payments for events please go to the Events page.