God’s Love Gives Life

Everlasting Love Week 2 | John 3:16 |April 9th - 

Warm Up: The life, cross, and resurrection of Jesus is as life-giving today, in this moment, as it has ever been. God STILL so loves this world through His Son Jesus. Open by reading John 3:16 in a few translations (thanks mobile Bible app!) From this verse, identify the PLAN, the GIFT, the CALL, and the PROMISE outlined in this verse. 

  • Many people don’t value “eternal life” because it feels too nebulous. While the Bible has much to say about the eternal life we will enjoy after death, it also has much to say about the eternal life we are meant to enjoy now— in the present. Consider this theological definition and answer the following questions about it: “Eternal life describes the salvation that God bestows on those who trust and serve him. It denotes not only length of time that God’s favor extends to his people but also the quality of existence that they may enjoy as they worship and serve him.”
  • When you think of eternal life does your present life in Jesus come to mind? Why or why not?
  • Read aloud John 3:36; John 4:14; and John 5:24. How do these verses support the idea that eternal life is not simply our future destination? 
  • The big idea George shared on Sunday was that God’s love is everlasting and will not end. His love extends to us the offer of eternal life and that starts now! He went on to share 5 powerful reasons we may enjoy eternal life. Which of these spoke most to you and why?  
    1. You will never perish! (John 3:16)
    2. You have an unquenchable source within and will never be spiritually thirsty again! (John 4:14) 
    3. You have already passed from death to life. You are alive and well forever! (John 5:24)
    4. You will be raised up on the last day by Jesus (John 6:40)
    5. You know how to experience and enjoy eternal life more and more because you are pursuing the only true God and Jesus His Son (John 17:3) 

Wrap Up: “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” - 1 John 5:11-12. Who do you know who does not have the Son, but you know the Lord is asking you to invite to an Easter service this weekend? Go around and pray for those outside of Christ, whom you desperately long to know the love and forgiveness of God!