Unstoppable / Imagine More Part 1|Acts 2:42-47 | March 4, 2018

Warm Up: Imagination is a powerful thing. The ability to image was what put a man on the moon, invented an electric car, and established a nation. Man’s ability to think beyond the present and imagine things to come is a powerful force and is usually the seed from which incredible things sprout. When you were young, what role did imagination play? Were you imaginative or were you more literal? What were some things, as a kid, you used to imagine?

  • Read Acts 2:42-47 aloud. The early church is a great example of a community who imagined. They imagined so much more than what was realistic because they trusted that God would deliver on the promises He’d already given. Their imagination led them to devotion, community, and celebration.
    • In these verses we read about the early church’s devotion. The Greek word used is proskarterountes, meaning “to be steadfastly attentive to something.”
    • Why would this type of devotion be necessary when it came to building the early church? Where did it come from? Do you sense this same type of devotion in the church today? Why or why not? 
  • Pastor George mentioned 7 things that the early church was devoted to: 1. the Apostle’s teaching, 2. fellowship, 3. sharing in the Lord’s supper, 4. prayers, 5. sharing material resources to meet each other’s needs, 6. daily worship in the Temple, and 7. meals in each other’s homes. We will only discuss three, but feel free to go through each and discuss the value it has in our own faith today and in our ability to imagine more of what God desires for us as a church. 
    • The Apostles’ Teaching – in those days, the early church didn’t have the Bible, they had teachings of eyewitnesses who had been with Jesus during His earthly ministry. How did knowing what Jesus said and did help them imagine what the church could be? How does it help us today imagine not only what The Shoreline could be, but what our own lives could be?
    • Prayers – Prayer for them was gathering truth and direction from the risen Lord Jesus for decisions in His church, wisdom to navigate the culture, and securing the power of God for ministry. Is this the purpose of prayer for you? For many, prayer can be a difficult thing. What approaches to prayer have helped you become more consistent and how did God use it in your life?
    • Care for one Another – the early church was devoted to caring for one another. Why was caring for each other so important? How can Jesus use our caring to further His Kingdom and His Church?

Wrap Up: Do you have dreams for your family, marriage, kids, or Life Group? Share how you are currently imagining more. What step could you take this week toward the God-inspired dream(s) you have? Share and hold each other accountable to follow through!