The Shoreline Church Worship Arts department is currently looking to hire a "Digital Distribution Associate." If you are interested in using your gifts in Media Distribution for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God we'd like to talk with you!  The role will be to primarily assist in the distribution of media content to our four primary digital communication outlets: (Website, App, All-Church weekly newsletter, and Social Media).  Attached below is a detailed job description as well as the action steps required to find out if this job is for you.  

JadonSigThumb Jadon Lavik

 Worship Arts Pastor 


Digital Distribution Associate - The Shoreline Church

San Clemente, CA

Role Description:

Executes delivery and analysis of media content via digital communication outlets. Part Time - 10hr/wk

In a growing age of digital communication we value the importance of a dedicated role to ensuring efficient and effective delivery of media and content.  We are a growing church that desires to bring our community to See, Know & Follow Jesus and reaching our community takes place 7 days a week.   

 Reports to Worship Arts Pastor and Content Manager. 

If you worked at The Shoreline Church last week you would have:

  • - Created a form & event post for signing up for Mens Retreat, Summer Events for Pipeline Kids Ministry, and Summer Camp Sign Ups for student ministries.
  • - Written a description for a YouTube post with consideration to maximize it’s reach.
  • - Edited and Published the weekend Podcast
  • - Attached promotional assets to The Shoreline Church App


 Weekly Responsibilities:

  • - Populate weekly newsletter to email subscribers via MailChimp
  • - Website Blog posting, Page Creation, and Event Creation
  • - Social media posting via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and willingness to execute on up & coming social outlets
  • - Updates page/events/blog changes within website
  • - Build and edit forms for sign ups/information submission front and back end of website
  • - Edits/Publishes weekly sermons for Podcasts for Sunday Service & Student Ministries
  • - Create graphics for website postings and weekly newsletter


Skills Preferred:

  • - Savvy computer skills for quick turnaround times
  • - Conceptual knowledge of the digital media landscape
  • - Ability to execute constructive marketing and communications strategies
  • - Knowledge of online marketing and social media strategies
  • - Creative and visionary thinker who takes initiative and translates ideas into action
  • - Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate plans and recommendations to pastoral & leadership team.
  • Contains ability to effectively and correctly analyze results per Insights/Analytics of communication efforts to present feedback and suggestions to pastoral & leadership team.
  • Ability to use Adobe Photoshop within templates or freehand.
  • Ability to work within routine weekly schedule of outgoing content ,while managing potentially last minute changes or re-direction at last minutes notice.


Additional Beneficial Skill Sets (Not contingent to role):

  • Knowledge of Wordpress structure for blog posting, page creation, use of Adobe Typekit®, and events creation using Events Manager Pro.
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, and other languages for design changes and implementations
  • Contains skills in web development not limited to basic html language.
  • Can Execute design changes/plug-in support for active and potentially new plug-ins for website


Please send resume and cover letter describing your interest in this opportunity to