Kids Around the World




Dan LiesikIn July 2014 I installed a playground at an orphanage of more than 140 children in Nuevo Paradiso, Honduras. I was heartbroken to learn that NONE of these children would ever be adopted. Honduran law forbids international adoption and the extreme level of national poverty makes it so unlikely that a family would take in a child that the staff and children have accepted that this is their home; this is their family. This situation is the sad truth for millions of children all over the world where restrictive laws, crushing poverty, or social conflict virtually ensures this life for them. Yet the smiles, laughter, and life I saw in them as a bright yellow and red playground took shape before their eyes told me that joy was still within their grasp. This is the story of just 140 children…this same chance can be given to so many more.


Six years ago I could have never imagined myself in a position of full-time ministry. I was an Active Duty Infantry Marine and Agnostic (at best), and then a simple invitation to Shoreline opened the floodgates of change in my life. I had never known, let alone heard that I was acceptable to Christ, that He was seeking me. Nothing has been the same since…


After 17 years on a singular career path, I’ve now found myself on a new adventure. My adult life has been dedicated to service, be it through military service or volunteerism. Every past experience, from military humanitarian missions to the time spent in warzones has helped shaped a desire in me to bring a light to the darkest places without fear or hesitation. Today God is giving me that chance in the form of brightly colored playgrounds that serve as beacons of joy and kindness in broken communities.


Playground are a unique gift that open doors in countries that are typically closed to US involvement; this allows Kids Around The World to help children that otherwise go completely unserved. So far we have been to over 80 countries and installed more than 350 playgrounds.