KIDStory Training Workshop

KIDStory Training Workshop

Kids Around the World is dedicated to impacting kids with God’s transforming hope through fun, food, and faith. Our KIDStory program is a method of sharing the Bible in the same way that Jesus did…through story. Join us for a 1.5-day workshop that will change how you reach children everywhere.

February 20th  |  6:30pm-9pm


Saturday February 21st | 8:30am-3pm


Over 75% of the Bible is written in stories. The global illiteracy rate is 1 in 5. Learning through storytelling is the most preferred method by those that can and cannot read. Teaching through storytelling increases retention, and regularly leads to the student repeating the story to others.

KIDStory is more than just storytelling. It is creating an environment that allows the Spirit to work in people’s hearts so they can know God, understand what it means to follow Him, learn His Word, and then tell others His story.

One trainee from the Democratic Republic of Congo went back to his church and began utilizing what he had learned at the KIDStory workshop. After telling the Bible Story, this leader asked if someone could retell the story. A 10 year-old boy raised his hand. He was both deaf and mute. Everyone looked on and watched the boy imitate what his teacher had done with a simple piece of cloth and hand motions. The boy began to awkwardly, but profoundly paint the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water.  

The 10-year old boy did not need ears to hear God speaking to him. The invitation to believe, risk, and draw near were too much for any handicap to stop.

God’s Word is alive. It is more than merely ink on paper. KIDStory is our way of sharing the gospel with children through dynamic storytelling – directly from the Bible; using play, games, drama and storyboards to capture children‘s minds and hearts with God’s truth and love. It not only has the children learning and retelling the Bible story, but it allows the Holy Spirit to impact each child’s heart to know and follow Christ.