Holy Spirit Power - More Like a Tram, Less Like a Truck

Living in the power of the Holy Spirit is not as similar to driving a truck, as it is to powering a tram.  Here is what we mean.

Our tendency as followers of Jesus is to think of ‘filling up’ at church- like filling up at a gas station.  We think that by feeling full of the Spirit after a Sunday we can ‘sip from that tank’ all week long until we need to fill up again the following week.  But that is not the picture the Bible gives us.

The Bible pictures our walk with Jesus more like powering a Tram.  Most trams run on electric current from wires above them.   They have connectors that are attached to lines with current running through them.  There is no ‘storage tank’. You are either moving forward as you are connected to the current, or you are not moving at all because you are not connected.

Jesus taught us this very idea using the vine and its branches in John 15.  It is the constant connection to Him that produces the fruit of godliness in our lives.  If we lose the vital, life-giving connection to Him, we are stopped dead in our tracks.  In His words, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

It is also noteworthy to recall that in the Old Testament when God fed the people with Manna from Heaven, they were required to gather it every day!  If they tried to keep it overnight, or store it up, it was rotten by the next day (Ex. 16:20).  Do you think that has any connection to the phrase in the Lord’s prayer for His disciples, “Father in Heaven, give us today- this day- our daily bread”? 

The subject of Romans chapter 8 is the Holy Spirit.  As believers in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit has taken up residence in our lives.  This is our vital connection to our loving and merciful God- our daily, moment-by-moment connection to the power that raised Jesus from the dead, our point of fellowship with God, and the power in which we are called to put the flesh to death and produce the fruit of righteousness.  

The Bible’s picture of living in the power of the Holy Spirit is more like a current running through our lives as we stay connected to God’s Son, God’s Word, God’s Mission, and God’s People.  The power is not stored well, and yet it is needed moment by moment, every day.  So, what should we as believers do?  Stay constantly connected, and live powerfully over the flesh and fruitfully in the Vine.

If the Holy Spirit is in our lives as resident, let’s make Him president.  How are you currently connecting with the power of God, the power you need to live a life of faith in Jesus?


GeoSigThumbGeorge Hulse

Lead Pastor