Love Takes a Turn|Titus 3:4-6| December 17, 2017

Warm Up: Whether we know it or not every successful film, book, or story share the same elements. When those elements follow a particular order, that story resonates with our soul. Fundamentally, this is because all good stories reflect the Ultimate Story — the story of God that we all find ourselves in. Share one of your favorite stories of all time (Could be a book, movie, song, etc). What about this story most resonates? Why?

  • Read Luke 2:10-11, 14, 32. On Sunday Pastor George went through the main elements of God’s story of redemption which began all the way back in the Garden of Eden. He then traced the major points of the story which led to the arrival of the hero, Jesus Christ. The coming of Jesus was a major turning point in the story of God. The Father  sent His Son out of love into a fallen, depraved, and sinful world. How do you think you would have reacted if given the choice that Jesus had?
  • Read Titus 3:4-6 aloud. This passage sums up the reason and the result of the coming of Jesus. Since we could never get rid of the sinful nature we inherited from Adam, Jesus came in love, mercy, and grace offering true forgiveness and ultimate salvation. From this passage, Pastor George pointed out 4 crucial points:
  1. Jesus in Time. In His perfect timing, like any good story, Jesus came to earth as the hero. His timing is always perfect in our lives. Share some moments when you’ve experienced the perfect timing of the Lord.
  1. Jesus is God’s Mercy. By not giving us what we deserve, which is destruction, God gave us His Son. Share some times in your life where the mercy of God came as overwhelmingly good news to you.
  1. Jesus is God’s Grace. God’s undeserved favor is on display in the coming of Jesus. We don’t deserve the love, forgiveness, peace, life, joy and salvation we have through Him. This is why its grace! When have you been most in awe of the grace of God in your life or in the lives of those you love? 
  1. Jesus Fills Us. We now have a new beginning because Jesus’ birth resulted in us being reborn to new life! (John 3) Why is the filling of the Holy Spirit so important in the life of a believer? Share some ways the Spirit of God has moved in your life, filled your life, or amazed you in your own journey? 

Wrap Up: The Christmas story is the ultimate story. It is the story that we are all a part of whether we realize it or not. Ask God how you might share this story with others this Christmas.