April 9, 2016
Around 20 of the children of Shoreline (3-6th grade) came together for Missionary Movie Night, a time to learn about missionaries from the past, pray for missionaries of the present and prepare kids to be future missionaries. For the month of April, the children learned about Gladys Aylward. Read a recap of the event provided by Kathy Sutton:
"We had about 20 kids show up - before the movie we brought in our 2 adopted children and introduced them to the group, they had been praying for them so it was a treat to have them meet them.  We talked a lot about their transition from Africa to USA.  We emphasized our 50 hour trip home and how they did not complain EVEN ONCE - this led in to learning about all of the hardships Gladys Aylward faced in her missionary life - especially a 100 mile journey with 100 orphans and she was the only adult.  We focused on, 'Do everything without complaining or grumbling....'  
We did the warm up to the workout 'Insanity' video and each complaint I heard a made a mark - 17 complaints in 6 minutes - WHOA!!!
The kids loved it - The movie was amazing, a little hard to understand because of her thick accent but they didn't seem to mind.  We had some great talking time afterwards and talked about how, when and where God leads us and what to do when it seems 'Too hard!'"


February 29-March 8 2016
Our Philippines team had wonderful things to report!  Not only did they visit and encourage our supported missionaries there, but they built a playground for the hundreds of kids, assisted with Sunday school, preschool, and built relationships with a marginalized Muslim tribe, all while battling oppressive heat and the curve ball of changed plans.  Thanks to all who supported the trip in prayer, finances, and other ways!  It truly was a collective effort as a church that spanned nearly two years!  We look forward to a continued relationship with our friends there.


March 7, 2016
We screened the documentary "Covenant and Controversy" by Dalton Thomas -- a must-see film for every believer. Regardless of whether the audience knew a great deal about the history of anti-Semitism or very little, this movie was extremely impactful. We believe God will use this movie to effect an entire generation of believers and help them realize their Christian responsibility toward the Jews. 
--> Watch the trailer here


February 29, 2016

What a powerful and inspiring night we had together as we learned more about the global refugee crisis, experienced what it would be like to lose the people and things most dear to us, heard personally from two refugees, and lifted up the persecuted church around the world in prayer!  There were multiple opportunities to engage with these issues through giving, learning, talking and praying.  We plan to have more of these nights in the future, as we continue learning as a church how to respond to our brothers and sisters in need.



January 17, 2016

We partnered with the Pregnancy Resource Center to raise funds to help provide free counseling, ultrasounds, parenting classes, maternity + baby clothes, abstinence education, men's ministry and post-abortion Bible studies to those in our community who are experiencing crisis pregnancy situations.  Baby bottles were handed out and folks at our church were challenged to fill them with cash, coins, and checks, to be brought back to church by February 14th.  Awareness was also raised for PRC's upcoming new volunteer orientation and training.  It is our privilege to partner with this local agency so committed to saving the lives of the unborn!



November 29 + December 6, 2015

We spread out the alternative gift market love over two Sundays this year instead of one!  Around 15 different organizations/ministries came out to represent various gospel-centered causes, giving our church the opportunity to make donations and purchases, and give meaningful gifts to others this holiday season.  Lots of awareness and funds were raised!


November + December 2015

Many of our people took advantage of ways to bless others this holiday season!  Whether it was by adopting a family in need and providing gifts, serving homeless folks at FAM's annual Thanksgiving dinner, bringing diapers and blankets for our friends in Tijuana, or providing toys and gift cards to kids of deployed Military members, our people were making Christ known here in our community and beyond!  'Tis the season to GIVE at The Shoreline!



November + December 2015

We traveled south of the border to help a church plant with some construction and bring love in the form of sports, holiday crafts and cookie decorating for the niños.  On December 19th, we teamed up with Mariners Mission Viejo as we reached out to an especially poor community with over 100 kids!  We've been building a sweet relationship with those we serve over the past couple of years, and we invite YOU to come with us in 2016 to meet our friends there, stretch your faith, widen your view of the world, and be used by God to bring encouragement to people in need (day trips normally run on the 4th Saturday of each month).



November 13-15 2015

419 of us went out to serve our city through various projects around town with no strings attached.  We went to places such as the Boys and Girls Club, various local residents in need, neighborhoods in need of cleanup, schools in need of sprucing up, and so much more!  We are a church FOR our city, not just IN our city, because we know God is FOR our city.  Hope you can join us next year!



October 2015

We are happy to report that $8,256.11 came in during the month of October for the global refugee crisis and persecuted church!  Shoreline matched that money with an additional donation of $5,000 for a total of $13,256.11, which we sent to our partners caring for refugees.  Way to be a generous church!



October 30, 2015

Around 40 people gathered to learn more about the global refugee crisis and persecuted church around the world, and that information informed our prayers.  We took time to pray in the quietness of our own hearts, as well as with one another, and we learned more about the global refugee crisis from some of our friends who have been serving on the ground in Iraq, as well as Voice of the Refugees, an organization linking churches to refugees here in Orange County!  The Lord calls us to care for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted for their faith, and this was one way for us to do just that.



September 12, 2015

Around 20 of our 3rd-6th graders got together and watched the film, "The End of the Spear" and learned how one group of missionaries changed the eternal destiny of a group of rowdy tribes people in the jungles of Quito, Ecuador a few decades ago.  These nights have been a great way to both educate and inspire our kids to be the next generation of missionaries right where they are!


August 31, 2015

The next round of classes has just recently begun, and over 30 individuals are taking Perspectives on the World Christian Movement!  This is a 15-week course with 15 different live instructors.  Students will be learning about the biblical, historic, cultural, and strategic vantage points, each one highlighting different aspects of God's global purpose.  Anyone is welcome to come check out the class; we meet Mondays from 6:00-9:00pm in the Café.



August 2015

In August, five people from The Shoreline family traveled to Cambodia to help "rebuild the children of Cambodia” and help raise awareness for the cause back at home. On the team were two teenage girls, both of who want to go back next year and have actually already begun fundraising!  We are grateful to be partnered with an organization like Awareness Cambodia, serving children in the poorest province there, Kompong Speu.


June-August, 2015

At least 50 individuals and families from The Shoreline went out to love their neighbors, communities, and city this summer as part of our Local Love campaign!  God was surely glorified as more of us sought to incorporate some important things into our summer days: serving, hosting, listening, providing for, and sharing with others in need.  Way to be a great expression of Jesus, Shoreline!


July 27-August 9, 2015

A team of nine people went out from The Shoreline to a tiny island in Indonesia to encourage some full-time missionaries and build relationships with Muslim families.  The team helped bring legitimacy to the tour business that the missionaries operate, and finally made it home after severe amounts of ash in the air following a volcano eruption caused their flights to be cancelled.  We are praising God they all made it back safely!


August 10, 2015

More than a quarter million people saw the theatrical release of The Drop Box, and we were so pleased to bring another showing to around 200 people at The Shoreline Church!  The film told the true story of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect abandoned children. It was a story about the forgotten, the disabled, the discarded, and the man who gave everything to protect them.  The film was followed by a Q+A session with producer Will Tober.  Various agencies were also present and engaged with people, including Safe Families for Children, ChildSHARE, Acres of Love, and the Pregnancy Resource Center.



July 27-Aug 1, 2015

Our team of 12 drove down on the morning of Sunday, July 27th. We were combined with 42 doctors, nurses, dentists, PAs and assistants from Georgia. They belong to an organization called HIS, Heaven In Sight. During the week we were assigned work ranging from preparing meals in the main kitchen, cleaning the visitors center, demolition of old bathrooms and reframing, decorating the school rooms with pictures and cutouts for the upcoming school year, weeding the vegetable garden, taking trash to the dump, and moving numerous chairs and furniture for the doctors clinic. Monday night, we spent three hours watching the children in the orphanage so the house parents could have a much needed night out. We had a special outreach on Tuesday morning where we bought and prepared breakfast for over 200 children in a neighboring community. We went to two children’s outreaches in the community and played with the children and sat with them while they were being instructed by their teachers. On Wednesday afternoon, we went out to a community and called all the children out to play and love on.
Under God’s protection no one got sick and everyone received extreme blessings from the children and staff at the mission!



July 18-24, 2015

A group of 14 Shoreliners went down to the state of Veracruz, Mexico to a tiny "forgotten" village called Chicualoque.  We built a playground for local children, which drew kids from other nearby villages, too!  We also shared the gospel with around 30 kids each day through a VBS-style program with lessons, games, and crafts.  We worked hard alongside local men, and the women blessed us with hospitality and kindness.  To our surprise, we discovered that there was actually a pastor in the village, who had been working for 4 years to establish a church, but very little fruit had come of it and he was ready to give up.  Our group helped bring encouragement to his weary soul, and we connected him with a church planting pastor from Tijuana who was with us.  The Lord provided exactly what was needed in so many ways on this trip, and we are excited to seek Him for next steps!



July 8-11, 2015

LOTS of folks went out from several churches in San Clemente, along with City staff, to serve our great town!  The week commenced with a BBQ at Vista Hermosa Sports Park where we gathered to pray over the week, pick up our free t-shirts, and meet project leaders.  Then, it was work time for a few days following.  Beaches were cleaned up, low-income seniors were blessed with a new garden and BBQ lunch, Military kids and low-income residents got to learn about Jesus at one-day VBSes, neighborhoods were cleaned up, and food was collected and distributed for people in need.  All in all, it was a great display of unity as churches and the City worked together.  Hope you can join us next year!



 May 26, 2015

In the last month, $25,000 has come in via donations from our congregation for our summer mission trips.  Praise God, for He has opened the storehouses!  We are grateful for everyone doing a part to make these trips happen, and it is a wonderful picture of the body of Christ.  If you can't go, then give or pray!


 May 21, 2015

We have been sensing the Lord telling us to wait on Him for better timing of the Philippines trip, which was originally scheduled for April 2015, then moved to August 2015.  We have made the decision to postpone it even further to 2016 (dates TBD).  We hope more of you will be able to go on the trip next year to build a playground and convert a shipping container for the Bajao!


 May 10, 2015

Praise God!  $2,677 came in this past Sunday for the earthquake victims in Nepal!  This money will go a long way at providing food, water, medicine, and foam rolls/mattresses for those affected by the quake and aftershocks.  Please pray for the rebuilding efforts to go quickly, as monsoon season begins next month and many people are still sleeping outside under tarps.  If you have a heart to help further, let us know and we can direct you.



 April 27-30, 2015

A small team from The Shoreline traveled deep into Mexico to a village called Chicualoque in the Coyutla region of Veracruz.  Food, lodging, and travel arrangements were secured for our church's July trip to build a playground and launch a larger evangelism strategy among this unengaged unreached people group (UUPG), working together with local partners who will continue the work long-term.  The area is safe, green and tropical, the people friendly, and the work cut out for us.  What a blessing this playground will be to the hundreds of children who live here, and what a wonderful thing it will be to build into this entire community!  We hope you will join us in prayer, giving, or going.



 April 19, 2015

We relaunched the Safe Families for Children program here at The Shoreline to inspire new families to be a part of God's heart for families in crisis.  Social isolation is the #1 reason that kids end up being abused, so this program enables church families to step in and be a safety net for the parent(s) in crisis while they get back to a stable place, and this keeps kids out of the foster care system since the bio parent(s) retains full control.  From hosting kids for a temporary amount of time to giving kids rides to school to providing respite care for host families to tutoring kids to mentoring the parent(s) in crisis, there are ways for all of us to get involved!  This is true biblical hospitality, opening up our homes and hearts to others in need.



 April 2015

We've brought two new partners on -- International Sanctuary and Frontiers!  International Sanctuary works with survivors of human trafficking, both here in Orange County and in Mumbai, India.  Their mission is to empower people rescued from trafficking to transform themselves into survivors by embracing their true identity and worth.  Frontiers, on the other hand, works in several countries among Muslims, inviting them with love and respect to follow Jesus.  We are excited to partner with both of these organizations to mobilize our people toward learning and serving in these global contexts!



March 15, 2015

A few families from The Shoreline provided lunch for about twenty local homeless folks at Bonito Canyon Park.  Relationships were established and meals were eaten together, while kids played on the grass.  It's our hope that our new friends would be encouraged and encounter Christ through us while their need for food is met.  We'll be doing this on the 2nd Sunday of each month going forward.



March 14, 2015

Our Kids Missionary Movie Nights have started up again!  We kicked things off with about fifteen 3rd-6th graders coming and learning about a missionary family in Papua New Guinea.  They enjoyed pizza and dessert, and prayed together.  We're already looking forward to the next one!


February 28, 2015

This was one of trip leader Jim Fetner's top five Mexico trips!  Watching our young adults reaching out in love to others, watching Steve and Chad showing our teenagers how to use tools, watching so many of us playing with the children and talking with our Mexico is always about the relationships we build.  And this particular Saturday was about relationships -- with each other, with the children, and with our Hispanic family members.  10 young adults, 3 children under 6, and 10 crazy adults. Truly a fantastic trip!


February 16, 2015

Around 200 of us got to hear the amazing testimony of Tass Saada, who used to be a Palestinian assassin for Yassir Arafat, but met Jesus and was radically transformed!  He now runs Hope for Ishmael, an organization dedicated to reconciling Muslims and Jews to the Father and to each other.  His powerful story is one we won't soon forget!



February 8, 2015

Over $800 was raised for the Philippines playground this past Sunday through generous donations at the Filipino Plate Lunch Fundraiser!  Special thanks to Natalie Gamette and Fe Villador for cooking their hearts out.  We're still dreaming about that chicken adobo, pancit, lumpia, and biku!



January 23-25, 2015

We partnered with a Mexican church in Tijuana to build a house for a family in need.  Thanks to your generous giving here at The Shoreline, we had funds available to provide the supplies.  When we arrived, there was a cement slab with Jesus, his wife Brenda (9 months pregnant, due that day), and their three children. Our goal was to build this house in the next 8 hours! We also fed 35 kids and put on a VBS, by God's grace.   At times we were tired, bleeding and scraped up. We got splinters, paint on us, paint on others. We laughed, we cried, we learned new things, we met new people and we praised God.  This neighborhood in Tijuana (Antorchista) is one of the poorest areas, but the people are still smiling. Three months ago, a new church was built. Two months ago, a fire burned 38 homes and 100 people were displaced...but we saw happy, smiling faces. A month ago, the new church had grown to over 30 adults! And Monday morning, Pastor Manny says a new member was added to the congregation: a brand new baby.  And we are all still smiling.  [ Check out the photos here ]



January 18, 2015

In honor of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) held a baby bottle drive at our services to collect donations for saving lives!  Donations provide free counseling, ultrasounds, parenting classes, abstinence education, baby items, and post-abortion Bible studies for men and women right here in our community.  Contact Kelley Visca to get a baby bottle if you weren't at church.  Baby bottles need to be returned by Feb 15th.



November-December, 2014

Lots of us participated in various serving opportunities around our community this past holiday season.  Some served food to families in need at FAM's Thanksgiving dinner and Brick Pizzeria's Thanksgiving dinner, some adopted families and blessed them with gifts and fixings for a holiday meal, while others donated toys for local children in need, and more.  We are blessed to be a blessing! 



December 20, 2014

What a memorable time was had by the group of 25 or so people who ministered to families in Tijuana this past Christmas!  Blankets were handed out to families displaced by a recent fire, a kitchen was renovated at a local church, crafts were done with precious children, and a meal was shared together...all in the name of Jesus.  Contact Jim or Sheri for pictures or more details.



December 14, 2014

Our middle schoolers and high schoolers teamed up to pack 5,000 meals, which will be loaded onto the container and sent to the Philippines.  This is part of the ongoing effort of our church to bless a Muslim tribe there with a playground for the kids and a shipping container-turned-impact center for skills training.



December 7, 2014

A dozen different ministries and organizations were given the chance to raise awareness and funds at our tenth annual alternative gift market.  Donations and purchases went directly to helping the gospel go forth around the world, and to causes like rescuing victims of sex trafficking, equipping women at a local low-income shelter, and empowering farmers with sustainable equipment and methods, among others.  Shopping with purpose is a tradition we strongly value as we usher in the Christmas season year after year!



November 7-9, 2014

Over 360 of us headed out in the name of Jesus to shower our city with love and service!  This was the most participation we have ever had by far, and the first time we have been able to use our facility as our home base for meals and group meetings.  We kicked off the weekend with a night of worship, prayer, and fellowship at the facility.  Houses were painted, yard work completed, homeless folks encouraged, Military personnel loved, and so much more!  One of our favorite parts about this annual weekend of service is seeing greater unity among our church family as we step out to love others.  We are confident the Lord was glorified in and through us, and we're already looking forward to next year!



September 7, 2014

One of our longtime Missions partners, Awareness Cambodia, finished construction on a new four-story complex which will house university students, administration, and international volunteer staff.  It is the largest project of its kind in Cambodia, providing accommodations and support for orphaned students so they can complete university and vocational training.  It includes dorm rooms, bathrooms, laundry facilities, a kitchen and food prep room, a recreation room, and more.  This $1 million project has been in the works since December 2012.  We are rejoicing with our friends at Awareness Cambodia that these students now have a place to flourish as they study and pursue degrees in such fields as engineering, law, medicine, architecture, economics, education, and fashion.
Contact Janet for more information.



August 20-29, 2014

Praise God that our team made it back safely and had a very fruitful trip! They premiered Walking on Water's "Beyond Sight" surf film and planted many seeds among Japanese surfers and snowboarders. Thank you for lifting them up in prayer while they were gone.  Contact Todd for more information.



August 23, 2014

Three families from our church went down to encourage a young church with games and crafts for the kids, and building relationships with the pastor and a few families.  While there, the team met the pastor of a new church plant in great need of construction and encouragement, and we hope to be able to serve them on future trips while continuing our relationship with the young church.  We have enjoyed seeing God solidify friendships with our Mexican brothers and sisters over the last several months!  Contact Jim or Sheri for more information.



July 15-22, 2014

A group of Japanese adult exchange students were hosted by Shoreline families for a week in July.  Through daily excursions, spending time with their host families, and attending church, they got an up close look at what Christianity is all about.  Please pray that the seeds of faith that were sown would find fertile soil in their hearts as they are back in their home country now.



July 13-18, 2014

Our team traveled down to a mission in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico to reach a community with Christ's love.  They taught local children about Jesus and the Bible, loved on babies in an orphanage, built relationships with locals through playing soccer, handed out food to people who were hungry, gave medical treatment to folks in need, and so much more!  Ongoing work is been done by Foundation for His Ministry, and we were thankful to have gotten a small taste of the ministry they do year round.  For questions about next year's trip, contact trip leader Scott Roberts.



July 9-13, 2014

Love San Clemente was a huge success!  Lots of folks from local churches participated and people were loved and served in Jesus' name.  We cleaned beaches, served the elderly, put on a 1-day VBS for Military kids on base, spruced up homes and yards, handed out food to people in need, and more! 

To view photos from the projects, please click here.


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Missions Director