Whether you are newly married, thinking about marriage, or are well advanced along the journey, you likely understand that marriage is one of life’s greatest blessings. You also likely know it's one of life's greatest challenges!

At The Shoreline, we are passionate about marriage. Unless a person is called to lifelong celibacy, we believe it is the human relationship intended to grow our faith, form our character, and bless our lives in a variety of ways. Navigating the many twists and turns takes humility, repentance, and a community of support. Since marriage touches on the full range of life experiences, it therefore requires a high level of attention in our lives. We can't put our marriages on the back burner or simply switch to 'auto-pilot'; the stakes are too high. We need to consistently keep our marriages tuned up and running well by giving them the time and attention they deserve…often, much more time and attention than we are prone to think!

Here you will find information about the kinds of pre-marital and marriage opportunities we have available. Through seminars, counseling, retreats, group studies, and more, we hope to provide helpful tools that will inspire and equip you to experience God's best for your marriage.

Remember, although God gave us marriage as a gracious gift, he has committed its maintenance to us. So let’s invest in our marriages and refuse to go the way of the larger culture. As we face challenges, embrace our commitments, and seek to grow in grace, our marriages will become what God has always intended them to be: amazing blessings that reflect His love!