Our approach to ministry is pretty simple and organic. We minister first and foremost to God Himself, carrying out His purposes revealed in Scripture.  We believe that disciple making can take place within every age group of the church, and therefore focus our efforts toward 5 age groups:

Every ministry is designed to help people more wholeheartedly follow Jesus, as this is not only what we were made for, but where God said full life is found! Our faith in Jesus Christ will center our life on God’s purposes as the Holy Spirit renews our minds and enables us to obey. You will always find learning opportunities and encouraging ways to grow in your faith as you join in with our ministries.

We sincerely hope that you find the adventure of faith God has for you here, and we invite you to get involved in ministries ! Jump in and take advantage of the opportunities available to help you grow, as well as opportunities to serve others! May your life be blessed and full as you follow Jesus together with us.