We find Jesus up on a mountain in Galilee. He sits down as his disciples gather around him to learn about life, and he begins to open their perspective on a new kingdom that was now infiltrating the world around them. The Kingdom of God. Jesus — the greatest preacher, the greatest teacher, the light of the world — gives the greatest sermon ever given.


Jesus finishes his sermon with a parable about a wise man and a foolish man. Both men hear Jesus’ words, but one actually does them and the other does not. The wise man builds his house on rock and his house stands the test of the storm. The foolish man builds his house on sand and it falls when the storm comes. The message? Those who build their foundation on the rock (who is Jesus) will weather any storm that comes their way. Those who build their house on sand will be destroyed. Wisdom comes from hearing Jesus’ words and living them out — obeying them. As Jesus shared these life-changing words with his 12 disciples on that mountainside in Galilee, we too as disciples of Jesus are called to not only hear his word but obey it, and to live it out daily.

The high school ministry at The Shoreline is called Foundation, based upon Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish man. Foundation exists to build a community of believers in Jesus Christ, equipping high school students to develop their identity in Christ and to demonstrate a life transformed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus brought 12 ordinary men together to be his disciples that would take the message of the gospel to all nations and change the course of the world as we know it today. Foundation is centered around relationships — first and foremost to develop students’ relationships with Jesus, second to build their relationships with peers, and lastly to establish a discipleship relationship with a leader. 

We would love for you to join us as we follow Jesus together on this adventure of a lifetime! We are a community that desires to be known by how we love, how we listen to the Lord, and how we obey his word. Visit our calendar for upcoming events and opportunities to get connected at Foundation.

We hope to see you soon!



Sunday’s are a time for high school students to gather together to worship Jesus, to hear God’s Word, and engage in conversation about living it out. Our Leadership team wants to meet and know your student as they encounter and discover the life Jesus has for them. Bring your friends on Sundays!



Tuesdays are a time to gather together in Life Groups to talk further about the message from Sunday morning. Life Groups run throughout the school year and are broken up by gender and grade which allows students to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, with their peers and leaders.




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