Missionary Movie Night


MMNs exist to present missionaries from the past, pray for missionaries of the present, and prepare kids to be missionaries in the future. MMNs will excite your kids about the real possibility of sharing the gospel, whether it be right here in San Clemente or across the world! Kids will explore missionaries from centuries ago to the modern day through movies, activities, discussions and prayer. Your child will be served dinner and dessert while with us, and we’re confident that he or she will look forward to coming back each time!

Quarterly | 5pm-8pm  | $3 per child | includes dinner
Next one: Saturday, January 20th

Presenting missionaries of the past…
Praying for missionaries of the present…
Preparing to be missionaries in the future. 

3rd-5th graders are invited to join us each month as we explore the lives of past, present and future missionaries! Drop off your child at 5:00pm for a night of fun, laughter, learning, listening, praying, discussing, movies, pizza and dessert.  Sound like an action packed evening?  It is!

Your kiddos will begin the evening with a warm up and introduction to the missionary we will be studying. After they set themselves up with pillows, bean bags, and blankets we will start the film, which usually lasts about an hour (note: These are stories of real missionaries.  If you want to talk to us about the content prior to sending your child, please give us a call.). During the movie, our MMN team will be serving your kids pizza, drinks and dessert. After a brief clean up and stretch, we will jump into an activity that brings the meaning and purpose of the film to life. This is usually something pretty silly and fun (sometimes messy), but will always help our kids to more deeply understand what they just watched. After this, we will break into small groups for discussion and prayer. Then, it’s time to go home and share what we have learned with family, friends, neighbors, strangers….and BOOM — they are real life missionaries!

We look forward to meeting your kids.  Our team will be praying for them!!


Questions? Contact Kathy