Promised Land Class + Special Guest

Join us as we cultivate an attitude of gratitude and learn more about our Christian responsibility toward the Jewish people!  We’ll meet at the church on Tuesday evenings from April 25-May 30 from 7:00-8:30pm and kick off the first night with an extremely powerful testimony from a Muslim Background Believer named Safeeya (see below).  
Personal testimonies about the Promised Land study:
This study guide is a “crash course” in what the Bible says about who Israel is, why Israel is important, and our Christian responsibility toward Israel and the Jewish people. It is my desire that through this study guide, God will set your heart on fire, as He has mine, for the people who are referred to as “the apple of His eye.” - Todd Morehead // Director of Promised Land

"This book is going to be more life-changing than you might expect." - Jared Mitchell
"It taught me that we do have a responsibility to bring the gospel to the Jewish people..." - Stacy Tertany
"It helped me understand better who Christ is and how important it is to understand Israel -- as a place, as a people. It really brings the gospel to life." - Chris Hodgman

*A Note from Safeeya (special guest for April 25th):

Safeeya was raised in a devout Muslim family and from a very young age was taught to hate the Jewish people. The word used in Arabic is “Yahoudi”, a term of disrespect for Jews.

She had never met a Jew, or never knew any Jewish people who had harmed her family or friends in any way. However, growing up, whenever Safeeya heard that word, hatred would envelope her heart.  

When she realized that God called the Jews his chosen people and special possession, and that the nation of Israel was His heartbeat, her heart began to break. Each time she read about it, tears would well up in her eyes as she cried seeing the love of a God for His people. 

Whenever Safeeya sees a Jewish person now, she sees them through the eyes of compassion and mercy, not rejection. She realizes that this is a spiritual battle that one day God will win and his people will be set free.

Today, as a believe in Jesus Safeeya has a fruitful ministry among Holocaust survivors.  Safeeyas testimony will help you understand God’s heart for the Jewish people and shine light on the ways that you can be used by God to share the gospel with the Jewish people.  

Tuesdays | 7-8:30pm | April 25th-May 30th | $15 materials
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