Promised Land Study


promisedlandSTUDY-fullpgThis study guide is a “crash course” in what the Bible says about who Israel is, why Israel is important, and our Christian responsibility toward Israel and the Jewish people. It is my desire that through this study guide, God will set your heart on fire, as He has mine, for the people who are referred to as “the apple of His eye.”
Todd Morehead- Director of Promised Land


Sundays | 8:30-10:00am | Starts March 13th

Personal testimonies:

“This book is going to be more life changing then you might expect.”
Jared Mitchel

“It taught me that we do have a responsibility to bring the gospel to the Jewish people…”
Stacy Tertany- Shoreline Mission Director

“It helped me understand better who Christ is and how important it is to understand Israel–as a place, as a people. It really brings the gospel to life.”
Chris Hodgman