2014 resources for community life


2014 lies before us like a blank canvas. Possibilities are endless, and that’s both exciting and daunting. We are invigorated by the fresh start but also suffer from “paralysis-by-analysis” We wonder where to begin and how exactly to tackle the many responsibilities, passions, and dreams that make up our lives. How will we manage it all? 

On this page we have put together some simple resources to help you make the most of 2014. Remember, it’s not about resolutions as much as it’s about habitsWhat kind of life-giving rhythms will you establish this year? How – by God’s Spirit – will 2014 be different from 2013? Planning is a vital part of living an effective life in Christ Jesus. So make a plan, find accountability to live that plan out, and surrender it all to Jesus – for His glory and the good of others. 

“We can make our plans,

but the Lord determines our steps.” – Proverbs 16:9 NLT

Disciplines Battle Plan – Jon Krist, our Middle School Director has proved a great template for taking on discipline this year.  

Download the Disciplines Battle Plan Here >

We’ve included some quick links to our first two sermons this year that may help your prayer life, and navigating temptation vs testing.

Developing a Prayer Life – Seth Ebel >

As referenced in Seth’s message also download this form, “Questions to Ask in 2014” , pray about it, meet with someone about it, and then we encourage you to take an intentional step to make a plan for 2014.

Tempted or Tested – George Hulse >

Want another planning strategy?

Click here for George’s Notes for Planning from 2010 >


SethSigThumbSeth Ebel

Community Life Pastor