Why Romans? Why Now?

Romans will remind us of our theological foundation re: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we enter a defining season as a church, Romans will reignite us to, not only know, but also share this good news of grace with our generation.  

How will we handle it?

We will divide the book of Romans into 2 sections- chapters 1-11 and chapters 12-16.  We will take the first section from now through June.  We will take a summer break from Romans for July and August.  We will pick it back up in the fall for September through November.  We will have Christmas and celebrate what the Lord has done in 2014 in us through Romans.

How should we prepare for it and what are looking for God to do through it?

We should first read it this week.  In order to get its flow and emphasis it is best to read it like a letter- in large chunks.

Here is our suggestion: Read chapters 1-5 in one sitting, chapters 6-11 in another, and then chapters 12-16.

As you read underline all of the occurrences, and note the usages of the words ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’.  Keep asking yourself as you read how this information helps you to receive grace and mercy, and how it helps you to live and give grace and mercy to others.  We will focus on these two big ideas: receiving grace and living grace-filled lives.

Also if you are pretty familiar with Romans, change your Bible version as you read it, so that it comes across fresh.



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