Setup Team!


 Volunteer at the Shoreline

We need your help!

As we move into San Clemente High School many of the setup team logistics have changed.  We need a committed team of volunteers who are looking to serve in a valuable way to the church.  Serving in this capacity helps to ensure that our staff can focus on providing effective ministry every Sunday morning. In the past we have juggled both responsibilities and it comes with great relief when we can A. Offer an opportunity for you to serve and B. Free up our staff to be more effective in their roles.  Here is how you can participate:

  • Folks who feel comfortable unloading a trailer, some heavy pushing of bins
  • Setting up Audio and Visual equipment (On hands training available, no preset skills needed)
  • Kids ministry Setup (Room setup, playpens, toys, table and chair movement)
  • Chair setup (Assist Custodial team with our additional chairs)
  • Additional Trailer Tower (May need truck specific hardware)

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Our Setup team coordinator, Andy Brosche, will be in contact with you soon!

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