Spiritual Maturity

Titus 1:6-9; 2:1-2, 10| March 26th - April 1st, 2017

Warm Up: On Sunday it was suggested that spiritual maturity is not gained necessarily in ‘years’ or age, but by the distance of time between belief and obedience. What was meant by this? Do you agree? Can you give real life examples of people you know who, although they may be younger in their faith, exhibit great spiritual maturity? 

  • One of Titus’ main tasks was to find spiritually mature husbands and fathers, full of integrity, to lead the churches on Crete. This would display God’s grace and help transform Cretan culture.
  • Read through Titus 1:6-9 aloud. Discuss how you think Titus may have gone about finding the kind of qualified men mentioned in these verses? 
  • Why do you think finding leaders like these would help to display God’s true grace and transform the culture of Crete? Does “holy living” transform our culture? How so? 
  • Pastor George mentioned 4 ways that, ‘growers grow’ from spiritual infancy toward spiritual maturity. Again, maturity has more to do with shortening the gap between belief and obedience than it does how long a person has been a Christian. There are many Christians who have failed to progress in the faith simply because they have neglected basic steps of obedience. Look at these 4 ways we grow and answer the following questions:
    1. Growers Grow INTENTIONALLY — No one drifts into godliness. How are you growing on purpose in this season? If you don’t feel like you are, what might you do to change that? 
    2. Growers FIND MENTORS — Human examples following Jesus will show us the way and hold us accountable. Do you have mentors in your life right now? Are you a mentor to anyone? What is your desire in this area? 
    3. Growers CHANGE HABITS — Repentance is a change of mind leading to a change of direction. What new habit do you most need to adopt in this season that will contribute to your growth in Christ? 
    4. Growers GATHER Under Jesus’ Purposes — The purposes of Christ’s “ekklesia” …his gathering, are five fold: Discipleship, worship, fellowship, ministry (in the church family) and mission to those outside of Christ. Where are you strongest? Where do you need to grow? 

Wrap Up: More leaders and healthier leaders are always needed at The Shoreline Church. For us to advance in the purposes God has for us, we must continually be asking ourselves, “How am I maturing in Christ?” On the church website their is a link to download a Spiritual Maturity Handbook. Has anyone in your group accessed this? Would you be willing to? — www.theshoreline.org