Stand Strong On Your Blessings|Ephesians 1:1-14| September 10th, 2017

Warm Up: This week we launched into Stand Strong, a new teaching series through the Book of Ephesians. Our hope is that through this study, you will learn to stand strong for Christ, shining His light for our culture to the praise of our God. We were reminded that God has “spiritually blessed” us, and that our true identity is found in Him. Much of the time, however, we can forget who we are. When do you find it hard to remember your true identity in Christ? What can take place as a result? 

  • The issue of identity was just as front and center in Paul’s day as it is in ours. It was so important, in fact, that the Apostle thought it necessary to begin his letter affirming the new identity believers have through faith in Jesus Christ. 
    • Why is identity such an important issue today? In what ways does Satan seem to go after our identity? 
    • Why is understanding and living from your new identity in Jesus so vital? 


  • Read Ephesians 1:1-14 aloud. Of the “spiritual blessings” mentioned in this passage, which are most meaningful to you in this season of life? Why?
  • On Sunday, Pastor George highlighted three of these blessings. First, we are CHOSEN. Second, we have REDEMPTION and third, we are SEALED.


•  WE ARE CHOSEN – v. 4-6. The Bible tells us that God chose us to be with Him before the foundation of the world. 

  • What does this “choosing” tell us about God and what He thinks of us?
  • How does this “choosing” help you “stand strong” for Him, and in Him?


•  WE HAVE REDEMPTION – v. 7-10. God’s redemption, by the blood of Christ, has brought us out of a life of sin, darkness, and shame, and into forgiveness, freedom, and true life. 

  • What does God’s redemption mean to you when you find yourself in the midst of the battle? Does it help you “stand strong”? How so? 


•  WE ARE SEALED – v. 13-14. Pastor George mentioned that a “seal” in biblical times signified a documents’s ownership, authenticity, and authorization. The Apostle Paul says that the Holy Spirit has “sealed” the believer. 

  • Why is being sealed by the Holy Spirit a crucial aspect for believers to understand and embrace? 
  • How does our sealing in the Spirit enable us to stand strong? 


Wrap Up: The Father sought you, the Son bought you, and the Spirit brought you into God’s family. Your true identity is found in His choosing, His redeeming, and His sealing. Pray that you would each embrace these truths this week!