We wanted to take a moment to let you  know a few things before arriving this Sunday for our first services in the New Facility!  

Our new facility is located at:

The Shoreline Church New Facility
211 Avenida Fabricante
San Clemente, CA 92673


We are praising God for all that He has done!  This The Shoreline Church new building facility is more than we could have imagined and a great gift of His grace.  These walls, like those of Nehemiah, will be filled with worship and God’s Word; they will not lock us up but serve to launch us out for His glory!  We are praising God for all that He has done!


  • Facility lot - 80 spaces in our own lot Sonance Building – 50 spaces [across the street and up the hill]
    • For families with expectant mothers, seniors, and the disabled 
    • Please consider using other areas if you are able bodied!
    • Feel free to drop off family members before parking
  • Street - The Shoreline new facility side ONLY- other side is No Parking!
  • Steed Park - Skateboard park area, where you will find a steep walk up the path.



  • Pipeline Kid’s Ministry: Upon entering the building, go straight ahead under the bridge, and through the double doors where you will find all Kid’s Ministry classrooms.
    • Parents of Kids If you would please update their information ONLINE by visiting: Here, you can ensure your children’s birth dates, address, phone, and email are all up to date. This will make the registration process MUCH quicker! Thank you!
  • The Midway and Foundation:  Upon entering building, go upstairs, and take the bridge on either side to all student ministries.  The Midway will meet at 8:30am and Foundation at 10:30am
  • Worship Center, Coffee, Refreshments, and Information.  Upon entering the building, turn right down the Ministry Corridor.  Straight ahead you will find everything.



  • Restrooms:  There are three restrooms.

         1 - Main foyer                       
         2 - In the Ministry Corridor by the Worship Center Entrance
         3 - At the TOP of the stairs

  • Refreshments & Snacks: End of the Ministry Corridor



  • Welcome Table Resources:  Make Sure to visit the Welcome Table for getting information about taking the next step in your participation at The Shoreline Church.
  • Connect Team Members: Find a a Connect Team member to help you find your way around the building.  We are more than happy to escort and assist you to wherever you need to be!
  • Sign Up For Events:  Each week we are making efforts to preserve as much paper as possible.  You can sign up for events using The Shoreline Church App for iPhone and Android, or at the Welcome table with an available iPad.
  • Pick up parking passes for Expectant Mothers, Seniors, and Disability Parking.  This pass enables our parking team to identify you as you pull through the business lot and get you situated.  We want to ensure a safe and efficient arrival for you and your loved ones!


Please enjoy the move in phase of the new building as we get settled and dialed to go out and Follow Jesus together!