Grace Revealed

Titus 2:11-14 | March 12th - 18th, 2017

Warm Up: What did you think of the Titus video from that was showed on Sunday? As best you can, recount some things you remember communicated through this video. You may also choose to stream the video during your Life Group time.

  • Cretan culture wasn’t in good shape but through Paul’s letter to Titus, we that he saw it as the perfect place for God’s transformative grace to do its good work. One of the first works of God’s grace in each of our lives is to “unlearn” certain habits, patterns, and negative elements from our surrounding culture. Begin by reading Titus 2:11-14 aloud
  • This section is rich with theological truth about God’s grace! Which sections stood out to you most? Why? 
  • George shared how there was a man who tried to learn to ride a ‘backward bike’ and found he could not do it.  After 8 months of five minutes a day practice he was able to retrain his brain and ride the bike. While visiting Europe that year he found he was no longer able to ride a normal bike! Retraining the brain (google “neuroplacticity”) is actually possible and as followers of Jesus Christ we know that renewal begins in our minds (Romans 12:1-2)
  • God’s generous grace not only saves us from our sins through the death of Jesus, but it retrains us away from our former ways to a new pathway of life. Where do you sense the Holy Spirit is inviting you to change through your habits, attitudes, level of trust in the Lord, or in some other avenue of life? Share.
  • If we, as Jesus’ people, have either withdrawn from or assimilated into the culture, we will not be able to transform it. 
  • In general, are you someone who withdraw or assimilates?
  • What would it look like for you to break away from a cultural corruption in your own life? What area(s) might you be walking too much in the ways of our culture? Where have you withdrawn? (Remember, our transformation in God’s grace takes place right in the middle of this evil world)


Wrap Up:  Titus 2:12 says that we are to “…live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness, and devotion to God,” Apply this to your lives in this season. Allow this thought to shape your prayers as you close your time together.