Unstoppable Week 2 |Acts 1:8,9| February 25, 2018

Warm Up: Our last words are typically of first importance. They are meant to impart a lasting impression on those who hear. Can you remember when someone’s last words left a lasting impression on you? What are some “last words” that you use when you send you kids off to school, or when a loved one departs that you won’t see for a while? Or when your spouse goes off to work?

Read Acts 1:8-11. This account details the last words of Jesus spoken before ascending to heaven. In these “last words” Jesus gave both an amazing promise and a lofty calling. What was the promise that Jesus gave to His disciples? What was the calling that He gave to them?

  • -  Jesus extends the same promise to every Christian. That if you have put your trust in Him, you will receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Often, however, this power gets quenched. What prohibits us from experiencing this power?

  • -  There are many people in this world who do wonderful things without the power of the Holy Spirit. What makes living your life with the power of the Holy Spirit different from those who are doing “good” apart from God?

    The Holy Spirit’s power is essential in our walks with God. We often operate, however, in our own strength and wisdom. How would our lives change if we were to truly rely on the Spirit’s power in the four areas below?

  • -  Marriage – In what ways is the power of the Spirit essential in marriage?

  • -  Family – How can the power of the Spirit transform the way you parent and

    carry out family life?

  • -  Friendships – How have you experienced the power of the Spirit in friendships?

  • -  Work – How can you unleash the power of the Spirit in your work life?

    Read Ephesians 5:18. To be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to walk in His power, is to choose to come under His influence rather than the influence of the world or our own inclinations. What are some ways we can be purposeful about living in the power of the Spirit? Are there actions you’ve taken in life that have greatly helped you rely upon the Holy Spirit for power, guidance, or wisdom? Share.

    Wrap Up: Much of the release of spiritual power comes when there is a physical obedience. We need to step out of our comfort zones, out of our own “box," and step out in faith relying upon the Spirit’s power. Have you experienced this in your life? If so, describe your experience and how the Holy Spirit empowered you.