Walking Together|Ephesians 4:1-16| October 8th, 2017

Warm Up: George explained the main point of Sunday’s message like this: “Walking together in Jesus leads to our maturity. We are already unified and none of us walks alone, for God has designed us to be together.” Why is community and togetherness indispensable in living as an apprentice of Jesus? How have you experienced this statement to be true?

  • Before you read Ephesians 4:1-16 aloud, ask the Lord to open your eyes to the Scriptures. Ask Him to impress upon your spirit what you most need to hear today. 
  • What impacted you most and why? 
  • If we are going to walk in oneness, there are some personal prerequisites given in v.2-3. What are they? In your own experience, why would you say these are so crucial for Jesus-centered unity within the church? 
  • Prideful self-assurance and unforgiveness will sink unity within a church faster than anything. Two phrases we all must learn are, “I’m not sure” and “I am sorry.” Humbly expressing our uncertainties can be relationally liberating, as can admitting fault and asking for forgiveness. 
  • Read Ephesians 4:32 and 1 Peter 4:8. How do these verses support the reality mentioned above? 
  • Share in what ways prideful self-assurance or lack of forgiveness have eaten you up in the past? What is so dangerous about these? 
  • None of us grows to maturity apart from life with other believers. We are designed to be together as one body, with many parts. “Jesus + Me” never equals maturity. 
  • Has pursuing authentic friendships in community been a normal part of your spiritual journey? Explain.
  • In your experience, what have been the most important ingredients to living in healthy Jesus-centered community? (Examples may include: bringing the truth of God’s Word to bear upon your lives, accountability, confrontation, godly examples you see in one another, truth-telling, prayer, etc.) 
  • In this life group, where do we most need to grow in our experience of community? (refer to the list above, or come up with your own examples). 

Wrap Up: Listen to the Lord in silence as you close. Praise Him for your community.  Ask Him to take your group deeper so that you may experience the fulness of a Jesus-centered life as you “walk together.”