Prayer for Orphans + Foster Kids
May 20
As part of National Foster Care month, we gathered on behalf of kids in foster care here in Orange County. Our county has a state mandated deadline of June 1 to place 130 kids currently living in group homes into foster families. God says in James 1:27 that true religion is caring for orphans and widows in their distress. We prayed together for God to raise up more families from our church with hearts to foster or adopt kids, to support foster families, and for the placement of those 130 kids. Foster care is a real opportunity for the church to be the church to a hurting and broken world. #zeroby2020

Local Serve Day
May 12
Around 40 of us went out to love and serve others in the community by way of home and yard projects. One group built a bean bag toss area for Marines on base at Camp Pendleton, another served the Schenkenberger family, and another gave moving help and did repairs for some of our gals without husbands around. Many people who served expressed how blessed they were as they sacrificed their time to meet real needs around them. More local serve days are coming this summer!
Medical Missions Fund
Launched April 29
When we ran a 4-day medical outreach in a tiny Mexican village recently, we quickly learned of some extreme needs that couldn’t be treated by the people or supplies we brought. Some needed surgery, others needed specialists to diagnose, most needed money for transportation to the hospital. The Lord led us to begin a medical missions fund, and we invite the congregation to donate to that fund so that people we encounter with extremes medical need can be taken care of.

Spring Break Mission Trips
April 2-8
Almost 90 people from The Shoreline went out on short-term mission trips throughout Latin America! Middle schoolers built a house in Tijuana; high schoolers served orphaned boys in the Dominican Republic; 16 of us ran a medical clinic, kids VBS, and church build in a small village in Veracruz, Mexico; and we sent a number of families off to serve in Nicaragua with Better Together Ministries. It was a great week of being a tangible expression of Jesus’ love for people, all to the glory of God!

Instagram Launch

Early April
@theshorelinemissions is now on Instagram! Our monthly missions newsletter will now be sent out quarterly and more regular updates will be shared on Instagram.  Head on over and give us a follow!

Safe Families Sunday
February 11
Those involved in our Safe Families program had a wonderful time encouraging one another, sharing stories, and praying together. People shared from the heart and became more closely united in caring for families in crisis.

An Update from the Front Lines
February 4

Jordan Danchik, a friend of The Shoreline who has been serving with his family in Iraq for the last 2 years with Whole Heart International, shared with us about life in Kurdistan.  They’ve traded the safety and comfort of South Orange County for a life of loving others on the front lines.  We were inspired as we heard from someone who truly loves like Jesus loves!

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday  

January 21
Dozens of baby bottles went out, and many of us collected money for the ministry of the PRC.  All funds go to our local Pregnancy Resource Center, where volunteers walk alongside those facing crisis pregnancy situations and help save the lives of unborn babies.

Adopt a Family
55 families got “adopted” for Christmas by families from The Shoreline!  Fifty of those families were families in need adopted through Family Assistance Ministries.  Five of them were Military families in need of a boost of joy and appreciation through our friends at Operation Help a Hero.  Gifts and gift cards were purchased, and items delivered as an expression of the love we have in Jesus.

Orphan Sunday
November 12
We learned more about God’s heart for the orphan as we participated in a worldwide event called Orphan Sunday.  People caring for orphans both locally and globally were in the Corridor to help educate and provide next steps for involvement.  We also had a lunch meeting to brainstorm what a movement could look like at The Shoreline.  Testimonies were shared by families from our own church who have fostered, adopted, or cared for kids in crisis.  We also learned more about Saddleback Church’s new initiative to eliminate the foster care system in Orange County by 2020.  We’re excited to see God continue to develop this movement in our midst!

Fall Festival Outreach
October 21
Our first ever Fall Festival was an incredibly fun and festive evening!  Family photos, crafts, games, prizes, activities, live music and great food were all part of our time together.  Folks from The Shoreline and others from our community came to ring in the fall with us, and we’re fairly certain that this event will become a new yearly tradition.  A good time was had by all!

Evangelism Training
September 17
Over 130 of us went through an evangelism training session from our friends at North Point Ministries in Atlanta, GA.  We got equipped by learning better ways to engage with people who are outside the faith.  Effective approaches change over time; evangelism is multifaceted and includes words, prayers, acts of service, and relationship building.  It is something every Christian can participate in!

Kids Missionary Movie Night
September 9
After a break over the summer, we relaunched our MMNs on a quarterly basis, and had thirty 3rd-5th graders present to kick things off!  Kids learned about George Mueller, who was known for caring for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime!  Starting with only fifty cents in his pocket, he raised over $7 million in the years that followed without making his needs know to any man — only to God.  The power of prayer was alive and well in his life!  Our time of learning was capped with dinner and some fun, silly activities to drive the point home.

Serve San Clemente
August 26
Over 500 of us went out in service to our community and our world!  We gathered in the morning for prayer, worship, and breakfast, and then got dispatched out to various locations in and around San Clemente to serve others in Jesus’ name, and came back together again for dinner and thanking God for what He did through us.  Our focus was on building relationships with one another and with those we served.  Meals were packed, widows cared for, weeds pulled, walls painted, and a whole lot more!  This was our biggest turnout ever, and we’re already looking forward to next time!

Tapachula, Mexico Trip
July 26-August 1
Three families from The Shoreline traveled to a town on the Mexico/Guatemala border to teach kids water safety, swimming and surfing, and minister to kids in the Mission Mexico orphanage.  We may be going back to this same place in the future to build a playground…stay tuned!  Walking On Water produced an amazing documentary about the orphanage called Somewhere Near Tapachula. You can watch it for free here.

Parents Night Out
July 28
60 kids were dropped off at The Shoreline while parents enjoyed a night out…and almost $1,000 was raised for the gogo grandmothers in Malawi!

Tijuana Day Trip
July 22
40 people banded together to bring love and encouragement to our friends across the border in the village of Antorchista.  Many were newer to our church, and it was a joy to strengthen relationships with each other as well as with the precious families of this very poor village.  Lots of sonrisas (smiles) could be seen throughout the day as we prepped and placed new cabinetry in a large kitchen, did crafts with the niños (kids), ate together, and visited with the pastors and adults of this church family.

Love San Clemente
July 12-16
Folks from The Shoreline participated in a multi-church effort to love bomb our city!  Various projects took place all around town, showing our community how much God loves them.

Missions Sunday: Tijuana Feature
July 9
Our Tijuana Day Trip leaders, Jim and Sheri Fetner, introduced church planting Pastor Daniel Nuñez at each of our services and launched a child sponsorship program for the first time.  31 kids got sponsored, which will provide tuition, school uniforms, shoes, a backpack and school supplies for an entire school year!  Pastor Daniel underscored that the most important thing we can do to help those in poverty in Tijuana is to offer our friendship.  We’re confident that these child sponsorships will help bolster our relationships with the precious people there!

Summer Program at Voice of the Refugees
July 5
A small team of folks received training in how to build bridges with Muslim people, and then headed up to Anaheim to help with the annual summer program at Voice of the Refugees.  Our team fell in love with the refugee kids, as expected, and we gained traction in connecting more of our congregation with local refugees.  Putting faces with names and learning their stories has brought this issue to life in important ways!

Tijuana Day Trip
June 24
A small group of Shoreliners headed back down to the Villa Campos community we work with regularly in Tijuana, and plenty of fun was had, as usual!  Groundwork was laid for a bathroom installation project being continued by our high schoolers in the near future, and lots of laughter took place with the kids and ladies we spent time with.  The relationships that have been built over time with our friends there are what keep us coming back each month!

Refugee Teaching at VBS
June 20 & 22
Almost 300 kids at our Vacation Bible School received age-appropriate teaching about the global refugee crisis and got to participate in activities that underscored the importance of praying for refugees and doing what whatever we can to help.  They looked at the faces of kids living in refugee camps, learned about the dangerous journeys that so many take to find safety and resettlement, and got a bigger sense of how people’s entire worlds are turned upside down when the only choice is to flee.  By the end of the week, hundreds of backpacks and school supplies were collected, which will be a tangible expression of Christ’s love to local refugees here in Orange County!

Praying for Muslims during Ramadan
May 27-June 25
A small group of Shoreliners made an intentional effort during this period to learn about and pray for our Muslim neighbors each Sunday morning.  While media sound bits about Islamic extremism can too easily incite anger, fear and even hatred towards Muslims, we sought to resist the temptation to generalize, and instead resolved to respond and pray with the mind and heart of Christ.  This was done in participation with Christians around the world in the largest ongoing international prayer focus on the Muslim world.  Through praying each week, we gained bigger hearts for these people that God so loves.

Promised Land Class
A group of eager students just finished going through the Promised Land study guide class and had a great time together!  Many in the group were mature, long faithful followers of Jesus and some were newer believers, but there was a consensus among us all everyone the importance of the content they were learning. The class began to realize, many for the first time, that we as Gentile followers of Jesus have a special role to play in the salvation of the Jewish people.  All were surprised to learn of the horrific acts the “Church” committed against the Jews in the past and how this actually continues current day in some circles. They came away inspired to engage their Jewish friends in a new way and to seek out genuine friendships with Jewish people.

Spring Break Mission Trips
Many people from The Shoreline participated in mission trips during Spring Break, taking the gospel out globally.  Some of our high schoolers went to the Dominican Republic, while others helped build a church in Tijuana, two men went to Kurdistan to build playgrounds, eight families ministered to orphans and immigrants in Tijuana, and four others went to Cuba.  What a blessing to live out our faith in practical ways to the ends of the earth!

Refugee Collection
Lots of people donated toys, diapers, and hygiene items throughout February and March, and on April 2, over 50 people came to eat lunch, learn, and pack welcome kits for local refugees based on what had been collected.  It was a great way for families to respond to the global refugee crisis in a positive and impactful way!  Our friends at Voice of the Refugees have already begun handing out the welcome kits to refugee families in need!

Special Offering for Refugees
Thank you for being such a generous church!  When we put out word that we were raising money to help build a playground in Kurdistan (northern Iraq), $4,817 came in!  We sent the money, along with $2,000 from The Shoreline, to Samaritan’s Purse to be earmarked for the next playground at a refugee camp in this region.  There might be an opportunity for YOU to go and build it…stay tuned!  What a blessing this will be to the refugee community there!

Israel Mission Trip
A team of seven from The Shoreline traveled to the Holy Land in January to tour, learn, share and serve!  Surf legend Tom Curren joined us, too, and helped draw a large crowd the night we showed the Promised Land film.  We cleaned up a local beach (video here), built relationships and shared the gospel with both Jews and Arabs, and gained a deeper sense of the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.  All in all, a fantastic trip in many important ways!