Reaching Out to International Students
We partnered with Cru this winter to make international students’ time in the US more meaningful. P70 is a 70-day (10-week) project with the purpose of reaching international students with the love of Jesus. It is a fun and enriching cross-cultural experience! Ten families from The Shoreline said yes to getting paired up with two students from the same country, and will reach out to cultivate relationships over the winter semester.

Nonprofit Workers Connect Lunch
January 13
Around 20 folks in our church body who have founded or are an active part of nonprofit organizations and ministries got together for lunch to connect with others in the same boat. Since our church cannot actively get behind every good thing we hear about, our goal for this lunch was to promote awareness and collaboration about the Kingdom work Shoreliners are involved in. We also gave a special gift for each nonprofit that was represented that day.
Perspectives Class
Ended December 10
Over 50 people, the majority from our church, committed 15 weeks to learning about the world Christian movement. Guest speakers were brought in each week to teach about the historical, cultural, biblical, and strategic aspects of our faith, and students were inspired to participate in the gospel story in stronger ways, both locally and globally.
Tijuana Day Trips
December 8 and 22
Almost 100 Shoreliners headed to Tijuana to share a special Christmas blessing with kids and families in three different communities! Fun was had, songs were sung, crafts worked on, cookies decorated, and the love of Jesus shared with our friends there.
Military Adopt a Family
35 Military families were given a huge boost of joy as families from The Shoreline “adopted” them over the holidays, giving them Christmas gifts and communicating their love support. Many of these families had a deployed mother or father over Christmas, and we were blessed to be a blessing to them.
Refugee Outreach
November 30
Around a dozen of us headed up to Anaheim to host tables and provide childcare at a Christmas dinner for refugees. Relationships were begun and the gospel was shared, as these precious folks (many with Muslim backgrounds) experienced a Christmas dinner for the fist time. We were blessed to help provide an environment that enabled them to connect with one another and hear the truth.
House Builds in Tijuana
November 9-11
Two groups from our church, including many students, put their tool belts on and built homes for two families in the Antorcha community of Tijuana. We have seen this community go from dirt to makeshift shelters, and now to a church and homes…and it has all happened as a result of prayer and people’s generosity. What a testimony to the Lord’s provision, as multiple people now have roofs over their heads.
Local Serve Day
November 10
Three teams went out to bless our community in various ways: beach cleanup and prayer for our city, deep cleaning at the Pregnancy Resource Center, and roof repair for a family. It is always a joy to be used by God as we meet others’ needs in practical ways!
Fall Festival Outreach
November 9
Hundreds of folks from our community joined us for our 2nd annual Fall Festival in the church parking lot! It was a fun way to usher in the fall season as we ate, played, crafted, and visited with one another.
Hurricane Relief for Military Families in North Carolina
Through our friends at Operation Help a Hero, we helped provide financial aid for seven families who completely lost their homes in North Carolina as a result of Hurricane Florence. The people of The Shoreline were so generous, and together we raised almost $15,000 for these families! OHH wrote this upon hearing of the donation: “The love and hope you have shown the families of this devastating hurricane is not possible to measure. You have lifted them up with God’s love and we at OHH are blessed beyond words to be a part of The Shoreline community. We will continue to help all of those brought to us in need. Your overwhelming generosity has made that possible.
Sponsorship Party in Tijuana
Sept 8
41 Shoreliners visited over 100 of our friends in Tijuana this past Saturday. Water fights, slime, crafts, tostadas, laughter, building relationships with each other and those we served, meeting our sponsored kids, hugs, prayers, and blessings galore!
Serve San Clemente
Aug 25
Over 500 of us went out on 24 projects all around the city to love and serve in Jesus’ name! Gardens were weeded, walls painted, meals packed, schools served, beaches cleaned, families blessed, and more. Kids and adults served together, fun was had by all, and the Lord was glorified in and through us!
Summer Program for Refugee Kids
July 2-3
A small group of Shoreliners got immersed in Middle Eastern culture as they served Middle Eastern refugees in Anaheim who are in the process of resettling here in Orange County.  Our partner, Voice of the Refugees, comes alongside to meet tangible needs and often spiritual needs, as they build relationships and help in the resettling process (school registration, job search, English tutoring, childcare, and more).  We helped with their summer program for kids.  It was a wonderful chance to learn how to minister to Muslims and engage the unreached!
Tijuana Weekend Trip
June 22-24
Around 30 of us (many first timers) headed down to build in a “squatters” community in Tijuana — from a concrete slab to a church, bathrooms and a house in 3 days! It was a physically demanding time, but the blessings were amazing: houses being built, a water main installed, and so many servants from the local churches and from the US working to show this neighborhood God’s amazing love.
Vacation Bible School
June 19-22
We partnered with The 410 Bridge to raise money for families in poverty all over the world. Our VBS kids raised almost $3,000 to help provide chickens for these families, so that they can earn an income and send their kids to school. We raised enough for 118 chickens, which will change almost 60 families’ lives!
Prayer for Orphans + Foster Kids
May 20
As part of National Foster Care month, we gathered on behalf of kids in foster care here in Orange County. Our county has a state mandated deadline of June 1 to place 130 kids currently living in group homes into foster families. God says in James 1:27 that true religion is caring for orphans and widows in their distress. We prayed together for God to raise up more families from our church with hearts to foster or adopt kids, to support foster families, and for the placement of those 130 kids. Foster care is a real opportunity for the church to be the church to a hurting and broken world. #zeroby2020

Local Serve Day
May 12
Around 40 of us went out to love and serve others in the community by way of home and yard projects. One group built a bean bag toss area for Marines on base at Camp Pendleton, another served the Schenkenberger family, and another gave moving help and did repairs for some of our gals without husbands around. Many people who served expressed how blessed they were as they sacrificed their time to meet real needs around them. More local serve days are coming this summer!

Medical Missions Fund
Launched April 29
When we ran a 4-day medical outreach in a tiny Mexican village recently, we quickly learned of some extreme needs that couldn’t be treated by the people or supplies we brought. Some needed surgery, others needed specialists to diagnose, most needed money for transportation to the hospital. The Lord led us to begin a medical missions fund, and we invite the congregation to donate to that fund so that people we encounter with extremes medical need can be taken care of.

Spring Break Mission Trips
April 2-8
Almost 90 people from The Shoreline went out on short-term mission trips throughout Latin America! Middle schoolers built a house in Tijuana; high schoolers served orphaned boys in the Dominican Republic; 16 of us ran a medical clinic, kids VBS, and church build in a small village in Veracruz, Mexico; and we sent a number of families off to serve in Nicaragua with Better Together Ministries. It was a great week of being a tangible expression of Jesus’ love for people, all to the glory of God!

Instagram Launch

Early April
@theshorelinemissions is now on Instagram! Our monthly missions newsletter will now be sent out quarterly and more regular updates will be shared on Instagram.  Head on over and give us a follow!

Safe Families Sunday
February 11
Those involved in our Safe Families program had a wonderful time encouraging one another, sharing stories, and praying together. People shared from the heart and became more closely united in caring for families in crisis.

An Update from the Front Lines
February 4

Jordan Danchik, a friend of The Shoreline who has been serving with his family in Iraq for the last 2 years with Whole Heart International, shared with us about life in Kurdistan.  They’ve traded the safety and comfort of South Orange County for a life of loving others on the front lines.  We were inspired as we heard from someone who truly loves like Jesus loves!