I Was Wondering|Luke 2:8-17; Revelation 14:6-7| December 10, 2017

Warm Up: This Christmas season we’ve been challenged to increase the quality and quantity of our spiritual conversations. Wondering can be a powerful way of opening people’s hearts and minds to the things of God. Didn’t we all “wonder” about things far more often as kids? What were some things you wondered most about growing up? What are some things that you find yourself wondering about now?

  • Read Luke 2:41-52 aloud. Jesus spent a surprising amount of his recorded ministry asking questions and inviting people to wonder with Him. According to Martin Copenhaver, Jesus asked 307 questions, was asked 183 questions, but only responded with direct answers to 3 questions. He was 40 times more likely to ask a question than give an answer!
  • Why do you think Jesus did this? What do you learn from it?
  • Pastor George shared 4 reasons why wondering can be so effective in seeking to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others:
    • Wondering with another will invite them to search for answers with you. 
      • Describe a time when you wondered about spiritual things with someone outside of Christ. What impact did this have on your faith?
    • Wondering with another will cause you to look in the mirror at your own cherished beliefs. 
      • How has wondering positively shaped your faith? Have you always wondered about the same things or have they changed over time? 
    • Wondering with another will cause them to wrestle with their own contradictions about their false beliefs. 
      • What are some questions we could ask others about Christmas that may bring up some of those contradictions?
    • Wondering with another communicates respect and leads them to the most powerful way to find answers — through self-discovery. 
      • What types of questions do you feel lead people toward self-discovery?

Wrap Up: Why would God choose a young woman to bear His Son? What kinds of feelings must the shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph have felt in first beholding Jesus as a baby? There are many incredible elements of the Christmas story that are truly a cause for wonder. Pray for opportunities to invite people to “wonder” with you this week and make the effort to seize at least one opportunity to do so!